2014 Audi RS7: Prestigious Feature and Performance

2014 Audi RS7 is often compared to the other version since this RS7 really has a lot in common. For example the A7 version is often compared with its outer appearance which then upgraded by the release of S7 version. Then this RS7 car comes out to give more upgrade on the power area that the two previous cars are lack in. While you don’t really get the RS6 version to market in USA but now with the release of RS7 to the global market, you can enjoy a piece of this powerful car in your hand right in the steps.

Looking Through the Delicious 2014 Audi RS7 Exterior

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On the exterior you will immediately notice that this RS7 has a special grille which exclusively made by Singleframe using insert of honeycomb shaped mesh. The headlight is already automatic and using full LED. There are also other LED lights used on the taillight as well as the rear light for fogs. The best is memory which added to the side mirrors that already equipped with heater and they also use power folding to do power adjusting as well as auto dimming which makes it easier for you to drive this car.

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The exhaust outlets on this RS7 are shaped in oval form, while the tailgate is able to be closed or open easily since it is already powered. You will also notice that the exterior windows has trim made from matte aluminum, this same material is also used for the mirror housing on the side. The rear spoiler able to adapt to the road condition, while the washer nozzles used on the windshield is also heated. Side mirrors is equipped with indicator lights using LED that already integrated inside. Moreover the side sills as well as the fasciae on the front and on the rear in this RS7 are specially designed to be one of a kind.

Enjoying Inside View of the 2014 Audi RS7 Interior Design

2014 Audi RS7 Interior

Inside this car, you will get a great interior design that already equipped with climate control which is fully automatic in four zones to choose from. The steering wheel is made with flat bottom in sporty style with three spoke that is multifunction which completed with the shift paddles. The steering column is fully adjustable in telescopic which also equipped with power tilt function.

The windows is fully powered which also has pinch protection; you can control the up and down movement of this window only using one touch. You will get decorative inlay that is specially design using carbon fiber. You will also have sunroof which will make the interior appear more luxurious. For protection from sunlight there are two sun visors on the front which already equipped with vanity mirror that has lights to help you use it. The rear mirror view on the interior is also equipped with auto dimmer, while the interior lighting has ambient LED. The sill inlays on the interior doors is made using stainless steel which appear luxurious above the floor mats which installed on the front and rear area.

The seat is design using Valcona leather which stitches using honeycomb that appear contrast with the leather so it will looked more unique. The seat is made in sport contour for the front seat which already powered and you have heater in twelve levels which you can adjust. There is also lumbar position with four adjustments which you can choose. For the rear seating them use split folding with 60/40 part. For the driver seat, you will get memory so you can save your seat setting which you can easily apply when you drive the car again. The seats are configured in four seating, while the armrest on the side of the door is fully wrapped using leather. However the bad thing is the cargo can be too little for some people since it can only have minimum space, but it still has power lift gate for the technology feature.

High technology you can get from 2014 Audi RS7

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For the technology side, you will get navigation plus from MMI which uses GPS on the system that can be controlled with voice or you can also touch it since it has handwriting recognition on the system. You will also have surround sound from BOSE with 14 speakers which can be increase to 15 speakers as an option; they also use noise compensation from AudioPilot which powered with 630 watts. You can play DVD or even the MP3 which equipped with decoder. The audio control can even be done using steering wheel as there is a special control mounted there. The information system for the driver has 7 inch size, where you also get cruise control with three options to choose.

This car is also equipped with advanced key system from Audi where you can start or stop and even entry the key without any real key at all. 2014 Audi RS7 has also created advanced parking system that uses camera for its rear view and completed with sensors on the front as well as the rear side. The windshield wipers as well as the headlights are also fully automatic since it has some sensors which can detect for lights and when there are rains.

Safety Feature from 2014 Audi RS7 to Ensure Safe Driving

For the safety of the driver as well as the front seat passenger you will get airbags with dual stages. There are also side airbags on the front which completed with knee airbags as well as head airbags. With all of those airbags which surrounds the driver and the passenger it is hope that they will get complete protection from all side so you can be sure about the safety feature that 2014 Audi RS7 has implemented on this car for the protection of their users. For the airbags on the front passenger, they even have some sensor system to detect whether the seat has occupant or not.

The best is their locking system that has power central and it will automatically unlock all doors when the airbags are deployed. For the brake assist you will also get system for anti lock as well as pressure distribution on the electronic brake. The Stability Control is fully electronic as it has brake assist for secondary collision as well as the traction control. Immobilizer will be applied for the system of anti thief which already equipped with alarm. There are also monitoring system for the tire pressure as well as a feature to remind the driver and the front passenger to use their seat belt. On the rear seats, your children will get anchors and tethers which can be lowered. The parking brake is also fully electromechanical which is why we can say that the brake is very aggressive even though it is also big in size.

Engine and Other Feature Used On 2014 Audi RS7

2014 Audi RS7 Engine

For the engine you will get twin turbo with V8 that able to create 560 HP for its power. That is why Audi only made it in all wheel drive so the safety can be guarantee more for this powerful car. Moreover for the transmission, they also decide to only have it in automatic with 8 different speed settings. They use vectoring software for Torque which makes it even more powerful. The car can also accelerate immediately which is why a lot of people eager to have this car which said to be fully higher performance compared to the old S7 variation.

To get this very powerful car from Audi you must spend around $104,900 as the starting MSRP. However as you can see this car is equipped with very high technology not only from the feature but also from the safety side which is important for every family. This is why you should not have some doubt when trying to purchase 2014 Audi RS7.