2015 Honda Pilot Can Accommodate Up to 8 Persons

2015 Honda Pilot is one of the vehicles that can be considered most for a family trip because it is practical and friendly when it comes to the segment. Vehicle that is spacious is what a family longs for and aside from the look that is great; the car can actually provide a good safety for every passenger. Now, let us see together what kind of interior and exterior styles brought by Honda and the other qualities making buyers more certain to purchase Pilot.

2015 Honda Pilot Exterior and Interior Styling

2015 Honda Pilot Specs and Release Date

If you see carefully, you will catch what Honda tries to give us through the Pilot’s style, yes, it is a traditional SUV that is played and you won’t even need curves if there are lines. It is somehow refreshing with the brash and boxy in a way that is not carried by other crossovers; actually, it is also albeit polarizing and alternative to anything else in its segment if you see the exterior style. It is a good design when you look at the outside while the inside is perhaps a bit plasticky for some tastes.

2015 Honda Pilot Interior

The different look will be found when you see the 2015 Honda Pilot photos of the interior; for a family who would like to have a simple vehicle with a traditional style, the Pilot can really meet your every need. Although you may feel that the very upright instrument panel in a mess and a little gimmicky either busy or overwrought, inside looks are still well-designed. The interior part is kind of being matched to the exterior’s macho style, so the chunky seems to be continued by the interior trim and instrument-panel design even if Honda makes the dash in lots of hard plastic.

Some people who have seen the real 2015 Honda Pilot may have their own opinions, especially about some additional chrome bits that are located on the current Pilot since it does not match well with the conservatively-styled vehicle that may be looked for by shoppers; it gives a little overwrought feeling instead. Compared to what Honda had done last year about how some of that to be toned down in a mid-cycle refresh, including the grille that is peculiarly framed, it can appear better with the look that is given by Honda to the passenger in front.

Pilot as the Efficient Crossover Vehicle

2015 Honda Pilot Price

2015 Honda Pilot is one of the best choices that you can make, especially if the third-row seating is required by you along with the V6 engine. The Pilot may not be the most efficient vehicle, but you can feel that this is quite fuel-efficient for you who drive this car in real life with the V6 cutting fuel consumption helped by the cylinder-deactivation while cruising. The expected ratings have actually easily been met in previous drives and it ends up with the result that this is not considered as the case across many models.

When learning further the 2015 Honda Pilot reviews, you can know that the Pilot is actually relatively green and this consideration is determined by on how it is used by you. Fortunately, it is also considered as one of the fuel-efficient cars with the EPA of 25 MPG rating for the highway drive with three rows you find on the market. It is alright if you honestly need a car that can accommodate five persons, but it means you may need to consider several other vehicles on the road with the fuel economy numbers designed much better.

Presented Features of the Pilot and Its Performance

2015 Honda Pilot Review

You can choose from EX-L, EX, LX or Touring trims that are all available on the market when going to purchase the 2015 Honda Pilot; your family can feel comfortable enough with the LX models that are already added with the seven-speaker sound system, cruise control, keyless entry, and rear air conditioning that are included in the base features. While the rear DVD entertainment, backup sensors, USB audio plug, Bluetooth hands-free interface, rearview camera, and navigation system are included in the host of tech features covered by the Pilot Touring. The navigation system includes the 15-GB media storage as well.

On the LX and EX models, you won’t find a power lift gate, navigation, Bluetooth, leather, as well as iPod/USB connectivity that you can find on Touring and EX-L models. The mixed bag interface is one of the pros that you will like from the Pilot since it is for the functionality and visual appeal of the vehicle. Also, the color LCD screen located at the instrument panel’s top is included in i-MID in which the audio functions and trip computer are shown. This also includes the rear-view camera system.

Talking about the performance, you should not forget about the drivetrain of 2015 Honda Pilot that is set to generate 250 horses with the five-speed automatic transmission, 3.5-liter V6 engine. Moreover, a Lock mode is included in the four-wheel-drive system for deep snow or mud and actually some of the benefits of a SUV’s body-on-frame is borrowed by the Pilot’s structure but the uni-body design is made more modern so that its contribution to the crisp response and good ride quality can be smoother. The V6 powertrain won’t be disappointing with its sweetest and smoothest sound and you do not need to hesitate anymore when going to move rapidly since the transmission can help you to have a quicker and smoother move.

What People May Like and Dislike about the Pilot

2015 Honda Pilot

Whenever you try looking for a good vehicle for your family, you should always think of the pros and cons of the car. Fortunately, Honda makes the Pilot with the versatile, spacious interior that can load up to eight passengers and even the powertrain is improved so it can be more refined and smoother. The driver won’t have any hesitation anymore when having to move rapidly.

However, the hard-plastic cabin seems less attractive for you who have a good taste and high expectation; also, the Bluetooth is even lacked by the base model and the availability of the expensive option bundles. If you are sure that the 2015 Honda Pilot can bring more happiness to you and your family, get it with the price starting at $29,870.