Full-Detailed High-Quality 2016 Ford Focus

2016 Ford Focus will be the vehicle that can make you happy and satisfied with its design made luxuriously; even this car is also added with higher speed. If you look for a car with the gorgeous look and the most awesome performance, there is nothing wrong to take a glance at this new Focus. There are full details that are revealed by Ford through the new Focus model and a lot of surprises should never be missed out. If you want to know how high-quality and reliable this car is, there are some information to check out.

2016 blue ford focus front view

Exterior and Interior Styling

The new Focus RS is completely revised, especially its front end part that is beautified by a grille with large-trapezoidal shape in which an extended-far-down front splitter accompanies the grille; with this, the intercooler’s nice view is offered. If you see the new body kit, it totally looks gorgeous and we may even be amazed by the RS badge. The front brakes can be cooled by each side’s larger outboard openings located on the front bumper feed air’s left. Pair of fog lamps that are vertically mounted are also housed by the openings so it may make us remember about Kia Pro’Ceed’s way.

2016 ford focus interior design

Do not be surprised if you find a typical RS style on 2016 Ford Focus as its side profile, especially with the widened arch so that more space can be provided for exclusive light-alloy wheels coming in 19 inches of size to the model. A gigantic aerodynamic diffuser is even visible dominating the downright rear-end design of this new car which is known to be not all show and no go because its downforce is automatically made better when the drag is reduced. The car is definitely helped much with that aerodynamic.

While each side’s diffuser will be found flanked by the 2016 Ford Focus’ twin exhaust openings, the package is completed by a rear roof spoiler which is identified to be harking back to the Escort RS Cosworth’s distinctive wing. Although the model may be more in a business-like appearance but it is shown well and Ford is not afraid of showcasing, especially since Ford exposed this in the matching paint of Liquid Blue which looks like the Ford GT Concept in Detroit. Looking at how its exterior is made with much effort, people must fall for this car as soon as they see it.

2016 ford focus rs price

For the interior, the features with racing-like visual are definitely presented by Ford for 2015 Focus models which may surprise many Ford’s fans; a RS badges’ multitude, a steering wheel with flat bottom, and Recaro sports seats which are standard are included in the features meant previously. The use of motorsport microfiber materials panels that are authentic will also be one of the highlights because these are used to cover a pair of signature shell seats of RS Recaro; they will be got by Asian and European customers optionally.

Other things that should be anticipated are an additional instrument cluster on the center console’s top part, a new shifter accompanied by identical graphics, as well as alloy sports pedals completing the total package of 2016 Ford Focus interior. With these features, oil pressure, oil temperature, and boost pressure can all be displayed to the drivers making their life easier while driving. Access to plenty of features is also provided by the new RS’ standard SYNC connectivity, like smartphones via voice commands or a touchscreen in 8 inches of size, climate control system, sat-nav, and audio system. Directions will be provided by SYNC to the nearest public circuit which is so advantageous for the driver.

The Powertrain and Performance of 2016 Ford Focus

2016 ford focus release date

If you know that the new Mustang is powered by a four-cylinder engine with 2.3 liters of gas, the modification is also even made so that at least 316 horses can be equaled when it comes to the delivery. For the new 2016 Focus, a fresher twin-scroll turbocharged engine is equipped accompanied by a larger-sized compressor wheel that Ford connects to an intercooler that is already enlarged as well so that much more efficient and high boost can be provided at all RPM.

Ford makes the exhaust of 2016 Ford Focus different this time and a better airflow can even be experienced since Ford has improved the intake; also, based on the driver’s frame of mind, a valve for a lower or higher sound output that is electronically controlled is also featured to help drivers to comfortably drive the car. The most surprising thing here may be its all-wheel drive system which is really big news to tell about; there will not only be torque vectoring that is offered but up to 70 percents of the torque that exists can be delivered to the rear axle.

2016 ford focus for sale price

It is nice to know that Ford can actually do that and many of its fans are still amazed because no other AWD found yet able to send up to seventy percent of the torque like what has been done by Ford. Even a true drift ability with controlled oversteer can be given to the new Focus RS by the torque’s ability at reaching the rear axle. Moreover, a limited-slip differential role is played by twin clutch packs that are electronically controlled consisted of by Rear Drive Unit or RDU that is actually the entire system.


2015 Volkswagen Golf R is one of the 2016 Ford Focus competitors and this car is actually powered by a four-cylinder engine with 2.0 liters of gas turbocharged that can generate the torque of 280 pound-feet and 292 horses. That engine is paired with automated manual with six speeds delivering all power to all four wheels so that in 4.9 seconds the car is able to hit 60 MPH. While for the EPA ratings, it is great enough because 26 miles per gallon combined can be achieved or 23 MPG city and 30 MPG highway even if it may still be less strong if compared to 28 MPG combined of Golf GTI. Aside from the performance that comes amazingly, the Golf R will make your ride more comfortable with its fuel economy that is totally admirable and convenient hatchback. Do not forget about the car’s interior that is completely upscale.

2015 Subaru WRX STi is awesome enough to be included in the new Focus’ rivals even if a hatchback version is not offered. However, Subaru has another surprise to show off, like an remarkable all-wheel drive that is sported by the company together with torque vectoring as well as over 300 ponies. While the truth is that the torque of 290 pound-feet and 305 horses are made by a four-cylinder engine with 2.5 liters of gas. This engine use enables the car in five seconds flat to hit from zero to 60 MPH. Aside from this car’s performance that wows us, the handling is already revised well so it will make WRX STi to be a great drive; an ancient drivetrain of the new exterior should never be missed out as well along with the appearance that is designed with a more race-ready look.

2016 Ford Focus Pros, Cons and Price

2016 ford focus rs specs

Perhaps, people do not really expect to have brake-actuated torque vectoring to be offered for this new model of Ford Focus, but if you look at the car carefully, there are many things that are awesome to consider. Remember how great its torque figures and power that you will never regret after purchasing; the bodywork is also nice with its aggressiveness that may be favored by some people. The AWD system is also one of strengths that should not be forgotten when talking about the newest Focus. See also its 316 horses output that makes this car win over the rivals. It is mentioned that the price set is around $32,000 which is actually included in the cheap vehicles produced by Ford. While for the 2016 Ford Focus release date, it is predicted to be in 2015 or even revealed by 2016.