2016 Jaguar XF: The New-Model Midsize Sedan

Being a fan of a compact car, like a midsize sedan, means that you cannot leave out 2016 Jaguar XF because this second generation on the Jag’s midsize sedan which is executive and represented by this new type of Jaguar. To know better about the car, it is suggested to check out the review talking about the interior and exterior design of the vehicle, along with the safety, the engine and its performance, as well as the release date and price range. The global debut of this car in 2015 may bring some fresh air to people who are waiting for the breakthrough by Jaguar.

Exterior and Interior Styling

2016 Jaguar XF Engine Review

As reported, the stretched kinds of the intensive platform that using aluminum iQ is the one that 2016 XF rides on as displayed in 2013, precisely at the Auto Show on Frankfurt in the C-X17 crossover concept. The basis that used on several Jaguars models in the future will be formed by this platform in which the F-Pace crossover is already confirmed and the smaller XE are included. If you take a look at the outside of the vehicle, it is near 50:50 weight distributions that is delivered by the combination of high-strength steels and aluminum with the new XF is very light however the body is exceptionally stiff an wrapped around in this platform.

The new Jaguar’s exterior is also designed with the use of suspension with double-wishbone style at the front while the Jaguar’s has already integrated link with multi-link setup exists at the rear of the vehicle. Lighter springs are also included in the other refinements and these are made of gauge steel that is narrower, special bushes which used for tubular bar with anti-roll, as well as continuous damping. The weight of this new XF is 3880 lbs with the existing all wheel drive that has 3770 pounds weight with standard rear-wheel drive; then, the total weight may equate to a large 265 lbs on the all wheel one and the 132 lbs on the rear-wheel one over the previous XF.

Jaguar smartly presents the evolutionary new styling and even though the car is really all-new, the fresher elements that can be noticed most are the elongated greenhouse including quarter-windows in the C-pillars, the taillights taking their cue from the F-type’s, and the headlights that are available as full LEDs. Also, Jaguar does not forget to continuously offer the all-wheel driving on-demand to be part of the option and joined by Jaguar’s own stability system and another traction control program.

2016 Jaguar XF Interior

For the upgraded 2016 Jaguar XF interior, there are some expectations from the Jaguar’s lovers including the newest dashboard technology that needs to be improved. Jaguar designs the new XF with the standard touchscreen infotainment in 8-inch size with customable setup but it is optional with the InControl Touch as the Pro system using 10.2-inch size that is really all-new. The access is granted by both systems to the automaker’s InControl Apps using Android and iOS connectivity and InControl Remote as well as WiFi hotspot features. However, in this new XF’s review you should know that it has larger digital horsepower which is boasted more by the larger screened-model.

It is stated by Jaguar’s release that a processor with quad-core that has high performance is featured by InControl Touch Pro in order to handle the huge amounts of data existing and even it runs using very high quality, Ethernet which is ultra-fast and known as the network technology providing outstanding data with transfer rates which can go up to 1Gbit per second. Perhaps, you wonder how if they are combined; fortunately, the response times are fast and the graphics delivered incredibly. Moreover, the system is also going to be helped to with the proofing in the future for important upgrades that has high functionality in over time. A digital instrument with 12.3-inch size cluster coming with navigation having full-screen is featured by the new XF in addition to InControl Touch Pro center stack.

10 GB of the 60 GB drive is very solid and it is even dedicated by the Pro infotainment to be used as media storage in which can improved the natural language and the voice command is featured and using 17-speaker, that has 825-watt digital surround on its sound system, it can be equipped as well. Jaguar’s Dual View tech will also be featured by InControl Touch Pro’s larger screen in Europe and the driver along with the front passenger seat are automatically allowed to view on the same screen that there are two kinds of video feeds which is different.

Engine and Performance

2016 Jaguar XF Price and Release Date

Talking about 2016 Jaguar XF engine for the US market, there is one option of two engines with supercharged and 3.0-liter size of V6 which the one is at 380 horses and 332 lb-ft on the torque and the other is rated at 340 horses with 332 lb-ft on the torque; in fact, an eight-speed on the automatic transmission is the pair for both engines. While for the diesel engines are offered overseas in order to displace 3.0 and 2.0-liters, but there is some possibility if the offer is available locally. In the near future, it is much expected that the car can have a SVR with high performance and an electrified version.

In 2016 Jaguar XF, the most effective is on the 380 horses of XF with drive of all-wheel because only 5 seconds that are required to achieve 60 MPH rate from rest; all of XFs’ top speed is actually ruled electronically to the 155 MPH. So, we can say here that the engines and transmissions that the Jaguar XF has and offers to all buyers for the all-new design are rear- or all-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic, 3.0-liter supercharged V6 with the rate of 380 horses and 332 lb-ft of torque, and 3.0-liter supercharged V6 with the rate of 340 horses and 332 pound-feet of torque.

For the F-type on AWD versions, the inside wheel can be braked by the setup so the cornering can be enhanced and in 2016 Jaguar XF, Jaguar has returned the optional adaptive dampers and standard dampers. The Adaptive Surface Response is included in the all-wheel drive and acts as a self-actuating winter mode when the driver suddenly detects the slippery road conditions. The three driver-selectable modes can also be used to help the drivers to configure the active dampers, along with the transmission shift mapping, throttle sensitivity, and steering effort making the all-new-designed XF more comfortable to use and drive.

The Safety of 2016 Jaguar XF

2016 Jaguar XF

It must be questioned by everyone who is going to buy the car which is about the safety because it is one of the important things to know and make sure about; many people expect good things related to the kind of standard and optional safety equipment offered by the new model of Jaguar XF. Jaguar has thoroughly loaded the new Jaguar XF with the high-tech safety features aside from the existing usual suite of airbags that you may have found. No need to worry about the safety because it seems the car is well-designed and well-prepared.

The high-tech safety features that are offered in 2016 Jaguar XF safety are lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, a drowsy-driver to manage and monitor system and traffic sign recognition in which the adaptive cruise control speed can automatically be adjusted based on the local limits. The buyers do not even need to be worried about driving in wintery climates because a new All-Surface Progress Control is offered by the Jaguar. The feature also controls brakes, throttle and engine output so that the progress can be maintained well with minimal wheelspin while it is also between 2 and 19 MPH.

There is a feature that should never be forgotten here and who knows that it will be your favorite and it is called Intelligent Speed Limiter which is smarter than you may expect. The function of this feature is to read speed-limit signs and the cruise control can automatically be adjusted in order to make the car stay at the speed limit, but this may somehow be a killjoy for the drivers. The cameras are also added by taking the brand’s Active Speed Limiter feature to the next level functioning to recognize the integration with speed limit data in the navigation system and the speed limit sighs so it can be below the limit.

Other Model Competitors

Of course, when the car is released, there are some comparisons happening; the new 2016 Jaguar XF may be compared to some other model competitors and one of the cars that will compete against the XF is Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The Mercedes-Benz actually comes more well-equipped, comfortable and handsome when you see the E-Class since it appears tougher than you have ever imagined so it will compete very well. Indeed, if you see the car, it is the opposite side of the luxury or sport continuum than the Jaguar and that is precisely where it will definitely stand out.

The other competitor for 2016 Jaguar XF is BMW 5 Series which comes with the great design for its terrific interior, extremely relaxed seats and a line of powertrains which is virtually unmatched, as well as admirable drive; this vehicle is even considered as the segment benchmark for a reason. The last competitor for XF is Audi A6 appearing with pretty-looking but it does not mean its prettiness is the only strength; it may be the only sedan giving the Jaguar a run for its money in the looks department added with its stunning interior, well-integrated technology, and incredible engines.

2016 Jaguar XF Release Date and Price Prediction

2016 Jaguar XF Safety

2016 Jaguar XF is worth to wait and look forward to and if you need some reasons for this; it is simply because the upcoming model is much better if compared to the current-generation XF having several issues, such as the cramped-feeling interior, trunk space and rear seat room. Although not many drivers may complain about the issues and they feel well, nothing is wrong if you are interested in the new model because the interior is larger, but it can manage to be a little smaller at the same time.

The other reason why you need to prefer 2016 Jaguar XF is because it is perfect for you having a small family consisting of four to five members since it is a four-door vehicle that can accommodate up to five passengers. It is a sedan that won’t make you disappointed or feel uncomfortable. A sizable improvement is promised in handling and fuel economy by the new model of XF by the combination of the more competent six-cylinder engines and the new lightness as well as the lower sleek drag. Also, the last XF’s wagon variant was available in Europe but you might not find in the US. Perhaps, your expectation is the same this time around.

The car’s interior is even redone fully to appear flawless with the optional cutting-edge infotainment system coming with the screen sized 10.2 inches, more rear room for the legs, and additional bi-level dash. The car feels more efficient, much faster and lighter and you will really like how the interior styling design is made open and more modern. It is also nice to know that XF has infotainment and advanced driver assist systems offering large, multifunction screens.

With the design of XF following the new XE and full-size Jaguar XJ using aluminum, it comes fresher; Jaguar has sharply reduced the engine lineup and increased the tech offerings instead in addition to the attendant weight loss. The other amazing things are that the navigation instructions, gear position, and speed are projected in bright colors right on the windshield by the XF’s new laser head-up display. If you look closer, you will see how tightly drawn the sedan’s curves are; and you should never leave out its smooth, coupe-like line as the car’s profile.

The solutions are offered by Jaguar technology for your drive enhancement and the tech is simply great, integrated, intuitive, and responsive. There is a look offered by the all-new XF that wants to be driven by the confidence seen every angle that is tried to radiate by the new-designed car. The other thing that must be waited by all of you is its arrival date; according to some reports, the car will be out at least in the end of this 2015 during winter. About the price, there is no official statement yet until the car is released but, there is always prediction and expectation for the price range. It is expected to start at $50,000 range for the rear-drive, 340-horses 2016 Jaguar XF which is not too far off of the previous model’s price, but we actually just need to wait for the official announcement.