2017 Dodge Dakota Coming Soon Confirmed?

It seems like 2017 is going to be a good year for automobile fans especially since the 2017 Dodge Dakota is pretty much confirmed to exist. This new model of the Dodge Dakota has been anticipated for a long time by those Dodge Dakota fans, they are furiously asking Dodge to keep updating their truck line and it looks like their wish has come true. You will not be able to find any official announcement from Dodge yet though, but there is a reason why we know that this truck exist, and to prove you that, we will also includes many pictures of this car taken from the 2017 Dodge Dakota spy shot.

About 2017 Dodge Dakota Information

2017 Dodge Dakota

It is also safe to say that everyone here must already know what a Dodge Dakota is, but in case there are some of you who do not know this brand, here is a simple explanation. The Dodge Dakota was first released back in 1980, and it is caused a major uproar in the automobile market due to how popular this brand is at that time, this truck is extraordinary due to its functionalities, the Dodge Dakota is a compact pickup truck with the ability that cam match up to the full size truck. The Dodge Dakota has become very popular and last for decades, it has undergo 3 major redesigns ever since, and now the 2017 is coming and promised many upgrades.

If you are looking for a good mid size pickup truck then you should probably wait until this 2017 Dodge Dakota is released, but if you do not understand why you should wait until this particular pickup is available in the market, here is our 2017 Dodge Dakota review. Admittedly, the information about this car is not yet complete due to one simple fact that no official announcement ever made about this truck yet by the manufacturer, but we have good reasons why we believed on what this pickup truck will look like.

2017 Dodge Dakota Outside and Inside Appearance

First thing that we need to do is to check the 2018 Dodge Dakota exterior design, this is very important because the last version of the Dodge Dakota is the 2011 model, it is already considered old by today’s standard and the people really hope that they modernized their design for 2017. As you can see from the pictures that we give you, there are major changes made if you are familiar with the 2011 Dodge Dakota, overall this 2017 version not only looks beefier, but it looks more aggressive and strong, the body of this new Dakota resembles the new Dodge Ram quite a bit.

There are a lot of changes made to the body it is very difficult to count all of them, so we are going to mention the more significant ones. One part that you will surely realize is going to be the grille, it is using a new type of grille that resembles the older one but this new one utilize the radiator grille; with the signature cross design in the middle of it. Still looking at its front side, there is no wonder that the headlights are also changed in design; this new model will have new type of headlights along with a new design that is meant to make the front of the car to looks more menacing.

In order to make the whole design of this new pickup truck to be more modern, they made a lot of changes to the body design. You will see that there are a lot of new creases made, including those located at the hood. The side of the body itself got a lot of these creases in which makes the whole thing to be more dynamic to look at. The back side also undergoes some changes, but it is not very significant because if you compare the back side of this new pickup truck and the last Dodge Dakota model. It looks very similar and does not offer as contrasting changes compared to the one we get on the front.

2017 Dodge Dakota Might Get a Fresh Interior Design

Now we move on into a part that desperately needs more upgrades and changes, the 2018 Dodge Dakota interior design is an interesting topic on the internet currently and people wish that they got a lot more changes compared to the exterior ones. The 2011 interior model is already very old and we need more up to date technologies for the 2018 version, and it looks like that we will also get it. If you are familiar with the last model, the interior cabin looks very plain and not interesting at all, that is why they are desperately redesigning it to look more interesting and refined.

They are guaranteed to use new materials for the interior cabin, not only that it will make the cabin more comfortable for everyone, but it will also change the whole atmosphere inside the pickup truck. With a lot of new technologies that are going to be available inside the car, you can bet there are going to be a lot of new changes made to its interior layout. One example that we managed to find out is about the center dashboard now is equipped with the new and modern display screen. Below the information screen, you can also find a lot of control systems for various features available for this new pickup truck; unfortunately, the complete information of the whole features is not available right now, and there are too many to speculate.

2018 Dodge Dakota Types of Engine

The information about the 2018 Dodge Dakota engine is not yet known, and the company does not seems to want to cooperate with the public by making this information a secret. But that only makes thing a lot easier to predict, we are sure that they are not going to use the same engine found in the last Dodge Dakota model, there are sure to be a new engine that they are going to use for the new version. Now the important question is what type of engine is that? Although we do know that there is also no way that the new engine will be less powerful than the 2011 version engine, but we can only speculate about this as of now.

It is believed that there are going to be 2 different types of engine available for people to choose for their 201 version of Dodge Dakota. The weaker engine is going to be the 3.7L V6 engine, this engine is capable of delivering around 210 horsepower and 235 pound feet of torque. The other engine that you can get for increased price is going to be the 4.7L V8 engine with 230 horsepower and 290 pound feet of torque. The first engine gives you good amount of power with more balanced fuel efficiency, but if you want more power with no regards of the fuel efficiency, there is no other choice than getting the V8 engine variant.

It is also believed that they are going to use the six speed manual transmissions system as the standard for this pickup truck, manual transmission system is very welcomed at this time and age. But if you are not fond of the manual ones, there are also going to be the automatic one, if you choose to get the V6 engine version, it’s going to use the 4 speed automatic transmission system while if you choose to get the V8 engine, then you will get a 5 speed automatic transmission system one.

2017 Dodge Dakota Conclusion

This new Dodge Dakota is not only more modern and offering more features compared to the older one, but they also makes the interior to be more comfortable than ever using new materials and all, that sure will affect its price a little bit. So the question now is going to be the 2017 Dodge Dakota release date and price, we need to wait for an official announcement for these two things, but you can expect that this new midsize pickup truck is going to be available on the market soon; probably at the late 2017 or early 2018 at most. The price of the 2017 Dodge Dakota is difficult to figure out though, so expect something at the range of $55,000 to $60,000.