2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 New Sedan with Extraordinary Look

There is actually a rumor back in 2014 that a new model of the Dodge Dart SRT4 was going to be released on the market soon. But after a few months of no announcement, people lost their hope and forgot about it, now it looks like the rumor about the new 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 is resurfacing again. This new Dodge Dart SRT4 is not the same as the one rumored in 2014, and this one is going to be more modern and all, but there is one unfortunate obstacle; once again, Dodge refused to give any explanation regarding the rumor. Fortunately, we got the pictures of this new Dart SRT4 that people believe are taken from the 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 spy shoot, so at least this one has a base for the rumor to resurface.

2017 Dodge Dart SRT4

Because the first news about this new Dart SRT4 comes up in 2014, we believe that this new one is the upgraded version of the 2014 model, thus many of features on this 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 review will be more of a theory or expectations, they could not release a car with only technologies from 2014, couldn’t they? When the rumor was first started, there are people who says that the 2014 will not going to e available for the next 5 years, which mean they will need to wait until 2019, but it looks like they are wrong, because there is strong indication that this new sedan based on a rally car is going to be available soon.

The 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 itself is not your ordinary sedan, as said before, this new model is based on the rally car with similar name, in fact the reason why people get excited about the prospect of getting this new sedan is due to that reason alone. For those of you who are already own a regular standard Dodge Dart and feels its performance level is inadequate, then you will be happy to hear that this Dodge Dart SRT4 is nowhere near the performance level of the standard version, but the changes made is not just on that sector. One reason why the standard Dodge Dart is not really setting the market on fire is because they have a plain and boring exterior design, this new Dodge Dart SRT4 is going to change that perception.

2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 Exterior

The 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 exterior design is far better from the standard model, it got more curves and more varied color finishes, it now looks a lot sportier and more stylish. Of course, to achieve that, they need to change a lot of things because the body design of this new Dart SRT4 is similar to the standard dart so that people will be able to recognize the vehicle easily. They also choose to make it to look sportier because this sedan is more focused on being a performance oriented vehicle, so the exterior body needs to be able to show that. As they are also going to use newer type of suspension system and all, the body will also need to be changed to adapt to those new equipments.

one of the reasons why this car now looks very sporty is because of the bumpers, Dodge has decided to add bumpers for the front side and the rear as well, this new stylish bumpers are installed to make this new sedan to look more mean and aggressive. Then there is the grille, which at a first glance resembles the grille on the standard version but aren’t, the type and design is similar but the size is not. The headlights are not changed though, it still have the same design and the same type as the one you find on the standard version; and do not forget the rear lights as well, they are also left unchanged.

This new Dodge SRT4 also gets a new air intake at the front side for better aerodynamics, it also got a new hood design which makes this car looks more stylish, at the rear side, you will find not only a new bumper but also a new rear diffuser. Unfortunately, the frame of this car is the same as the standard model, and it will also be available with the 17 inches wheel; but we presume that there will be more types available as optional parts.

2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 Interior

They have done a lot of changes to its exterior body, so what happen with the 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 interior design? Fortunately, the interior also got the same treatment as the exterior, you will see that the cabin has also been revamped into the SRT4 cabin, it looks and feels are very different to the regular one. It does still utilize the same arrangement as the base model, but they will have more features and gadgets, plus the useless features are going to be removed, in the end, the interior of this version offers very different things to the standard model.

One of the most significant differences is going to be the new seats that are more focused on looking sporty, the new racing seats are also of the top class quality, it is comfortable to sit in and great to feel when you are running at faster speed. the dashboard is also very clean and sleek, there is not much buttons right there, as everything can be controlled through the use of the display screen that you can find right in the middle of the dashboard. A lot of new features that are intended to help enhancing the performance level of this car are also added and can be controlled there as well.

2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 Performance

Of course, with the focus of making this version to be more performance oriented, there is no way that the 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 engine will be the same engine that you find on the regular mode; not saying that the regular engine is bad, but it is just inadequate. No official information about this yet, but there is strong indication that they are going to use the 2.4L TigersShark engine for this version.

If they did use this engine, then it is going to get a massive boost in terms of power, as the engine is known to be capable of generating around 260 to 280 horsepower at least; way more than the regular 2016 Dodge Dart that only has 160 horsepower from its standard engine. We do not know if there is going to be other types of engine available as optional, but we expect that the sedan comes with the all wheel drive as the standard; considering it is based on the rally car.

2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 Conclusion

They really did a lot of changes to this new Dart SRT4, so using the regular Dodge Dart as reference for certain things are useless; especially for the 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 release date and price, as it won’t be priced near the price point of the standard model. We expect this sedan to be available for at least $20,000 or more, and the 2017 Dodge Dart SRT4 release date will be late 2017; but do not bet on this, we still needs their confirmation first.