2017 Honda Crosstour Rumored To Be Available Soon

There will always be rumors about revival of dead vehicle brand every single year, but if there is one that has big possibility to really happen for this year, then it might be a rumor about this 2017 Honda Crosstour. As the name implies, the new Crosstour is rumored to be available soon and it is going to be named the 2017 version; it feels a little bit weird though, considering that Honda decided to stop the production of the brand just a few years ago. Nonetheless, there are legit reasons to believe that there is going to be a new Honda Crosstour in production list and one of the biggest reasons would be this 2017 Honda Crosstour rumors that we managed to conclude.

2017 Honda Crosstour Multifunctional Car

2017 Honda Crosstour

As the name of the brand implies, the Honda Crosstour is not an ordinary vehicle, it is a multifunctional car made for versatility due to the fact that it was first designed in two different types of cars used for different functions. From the pictures of the new Crosstour that we provided, you can clearly see that this car is not a pure sport utility vehicle; the 2017 Honda Crosstour is a mix between modern sport utility vehicles with a coupe. We also have pictures of the design concept of this car, and as you can see from the size itself, it is way higher than a normal coupe but lower than a standard sport utility vehicle.

The multifunctional aspect of this new Crosstour makes everything on this 2017 Honda Crosstour review even more interesting, but please remember that this car is only rumored to be available and Honda refused to give any kind comments regarding the existence of this hybrid sport utility vehicle. What is more interesting than new functions that are going to be added to this new version is going to be the redesigns that is going to make for both the interior and exterior. Due to the fact that it is not announced yet, we can only predict what features that they are going to use for the interior, but the exterior changes can easily be checked and analyzed due to the leaked pictures.

2017 Honda Crosstour Looks Great Anyway

Ever since the first ever iteration, Honda Crosstour has been an enigma, not because it has things that no other product are having, but due to how it was first designed. This brand have products that are a hybrid that is shown through its functionalities and body thus many automobile purists are feeling a little bit different regarding this brand, either that they are extremely loving it or they truly hated it. That is also the reason why many people are greatly anticipating the 2017 Honda Crosstour exterior design; will this new version be able to capture all hearts of the consumer by making a redesign that is accepted by all?

One thing for sure, looking at the pictures that we gave you, it is no doubt that this new version of the hybrid Honda Crosstour is extremely different to its last version; the 2015 is the last version before it was deemed a disappointment and was stopped from production. You can clearly see from the shape, this new hybrid looks more like a sport utility vehicle than a coupe; it is way higher than a coupe and more muscular in design. One of the changes made is the bigger front bumper. Even with new front bumper, the design of the grille remains relatively the same, and from the concept picture we can already see that they are not going to change the design of the grille.

You can also see the new fog lights easily at the front side, also the new wheels that they are going to use; it is not clearly detailed, but the new wheels are supposedly either 17 inch or 18 inch. Now for the unfortunate news, we do not have enough pictures to determine what the exact changes are made for the rear side. Similar to the new front headlights, we can also see the design of the taillights is also different, but whether or not it’s a new type of taillights is not yet known. Overall, you can still clearly see it as a Crosstour as even with all the changes, this new car still gives the same feels as the old Crosstour.

2017 Honda Crosstour in the Inside

Because the last version of the Crosstour is the 2015 one, there should be many changes made to the 2017 Honda Crosstour interior design. It is not only to allow more features, but they will improve a lot of their current technologies. As there is not even one picture showing the interior of this hybrid vehicle taken from the spy shot, it is hard to determine how many changes are made. But we are sure that the dashboard is new, not only that you can find a new control system on the dashboard, but it will also be equipped with new display screen with touchscreen.

The navigation system will also be upgraded into the latest version, it is more modern and allow for faster integration. There are other new upgrades and technologies added as well, and you will see fewer buttons on the dashboard, because you will be controlling many of those new features and technologies using the control screen that utilize the touchscreen technologies. It is not only the features that gets the upgrade for this new hybrid SUV and coupe combo; the interior has been heavily upgraded using newer material that feels a lot better than the previous one. This new high grade material adds a lot of comfortability point to the car’s cabin, and due to it is having bigger size compared to the regular coupe; it has a lot of rooms to spare.

Under the Hood of 2017 Honda Crosstour

Without a doubt, the most difficult thing to guess due to the limited available information about the new Honda Crosstour is guessing about its performance level. The 2017 Honda Crosstour engine is a hot topic debated by many automobile fans right now, and whether or not they are going to use newer engine or will stay with the old engine is also a question that needs an answer soon. But it looks like there will be two different engines available for this new car; one is going to be used for the standard model and the cheaper version, and the engine is a 2.4L four cylinder engine that has 192 horsepower and 162 pound feet of torque. As you can see, they are basically going to use the old engine for this new version, the engine is still capable though, so not many people are disappointed about it.

Now for the second engine, they are going to use a newer engine, and this engine is a slight upgrade to the other available engine of the 2013 Honda Crosstour. This new engine is the 3.5 Liter V6 engine; however this is no ordinary V6 as it utilizes the new cylinder deactivation technologies that are not available to the previous version. With the combination of the new technology, it is capable of generating 278 horsepower and 252 pound feet of torque; this engine will be used on the more expensive trim levels.

2017 Honda Crosstour Conclusion

If the car really exist, then it is not difficult to guess the 2017 Honda Crosstour release date and price, for one, as it is named the 2017 version means that it will be coming at least on late 2017, we still need the official announcement first about it existence and we will probably get it in the summer. For the 2017 Honda Crosstour price; as it still utilize some dosing and features as the older version, the price point is not going to be that different, it is maybe priced for about $26,000.