Latest, Confirmed News Regarding 2017 Trans Am

If you are looking to buy Pontiac, you will end up disappointed. This famous car brand doesn’t exist anymore and in a matter of fact, they haven’t been operating a long time now. But, in this year, buyers will be able to get a new 2017 Trans Am which should provide exclusivity and something different compared to other car brands. The car will be made by Trans Am Depot, a company which bought the rights to produce original, Pontiac car. Let’s meet the new and interesting 2017 Trans Am.

Engine and power

2017 Trans Am

Don’t expect a fuel efficient car with clever technologies and plenty of systems designed to make engine futuristic. In reality, you will get a massive engine, with plenty, traditional power, and corresponding performances. As such, the base version is equipped with 3.7L, V6 engine which produces 305HP, sufficient for some drivers and 280-pound feet of torque. If you are interested in more power, you can get V8, 5.0L with 420HP and 390-pound feet of torque. This version is known as 2017 Trans Am Firebird.

But, this car is going to offer something even better. The premium version, with Bandit in the name will be one of the most powerful cars in the United States. It has 662HP and 631-pound feet of torque. It is truly a remarkable engine with great sound. An interesting claim is that the price isn’t much higher than other versions cost. On the other hand, performances are at least 40% better. 2017 Trans Am is expected to be the most desirable in this version.

The looks of 2017 Trans Am

Corresponding to the massive engines under the hood, this car is bringing further, visual changes and minor modifications. Overall, the design is made to look like a mixture between old Pontiac cars and modern Camaro! At the front, we get newly designed LED lights and larger grills. The hood is more traditional than you would expect, but it looks appealing no less.

Sides of a car are flat, but they get extended at the rear wheels. Both, rear and front end are ‘’sharp’’ allowing better aerodynamics and fresher looks. Massive wheels and classical rear taillights are there to make this car even more desirable. 2017 Trans Am isn’t one of the prettiest cars at the moment, but it has something extraordinary which made it a bit special. For those who like American muscle cars, this is going to be an amazing vehicle to own and keep in a garage. Each time you look at the ‘’screaming chicken’’ on the hood, you will realize how amazing this car is.

Cabin of 2017 Trans Am

The interior follows the same path as the exterior. In other words, you can expect a mixture of old and new and different combinations of materials and elements compared to equivalent cars. It all starts with large, heated seats and leather, a lot of it. The gear lever is classical, which may be an advantage to some drivers. Clusters are also more focused on traditional looks than on modern design.

When we said new things, we had in mind brake assist, assisted steering, ABS, ESC (stability control), large display at the central console and rearview camera. High-quality materials are mandatory and there is no place for cheap plastics here.

The interior is basically comfortable, a nice place to be and practical. There are no a lot of buttons, compartments or anything else which may distract driver’s attention. It is all focused on pure driving experience and simplicity.

Some of you may believe that 2017 Trans Am isn’t a reliable car and that future owners can expect a lot of trouble. But, this model comes with 36.000 mils or 3-year warranty. In that time frame, all issues and malfunctions are going to be sorted by the car manufacturer. Still, don’t expect plenty of them, due to the fact this is a well-made vehicle.

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty version

You have heard about 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty version of the car in question. A good thing is yes, you can buy one and yes, it is going to be one of a kind. It all begins with the engine. This car is equipped with a 7.4L engine, V8 paired with Magnuson TVS2300 turbocharger. The end products are 1000HP and 1046 pound-feet of torque.

The direct rival is Dodge Challenger SRT Daemon, which produces 840HP. If you are good in math, you will deduce that Trans Am is 160HP more powerful on gas used for races and 192HP more powerful on 91 octanes! This made it one of the most powerful cars available on the market today and among the fastest in drag races. Still, there are no official data defining the 0-60mph time or the top speed, but with this power, you can imagine.

The engine of 2017 Trans Am 455 is a masterpiece. The turbocharger generates 14 psi, it is paired with cold air intake and impressive headers coated with ceramics. The 3.0-inch exhaust system is present in order to allow superb noise and to quickly remove the combustion gases from the engine. Obviously, a special person had to develop this engine. He is Joey Arrington, or better known as the owner of Arrington Performance. If you are not familiar with him, we must mention that Joey Arrington is a well-known engine developer from NASCAR. It isn’t strange how 2017 Trans Am produces this amount of power once you know this fact.

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty is made from aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. Hood, heat vents and many other elements are fully made from carbon fiber, in order to reduce the total weight of a car. Optionally, you can get ‘’screaming chicken’’ on the hood, Brembo brakes with 6 pistons. Wheels are 20 inches in 285 width at the front and 305 at the rear wheels. This is simply mandatory in order to allow the car transfer this, massive power on the road. Inside SD logo will be implemented on the seats, door panels will be painted in desirable colors and gear liver will be redesigned. As you can see, there are no plenty of cosmetic differences between standard and Super Duty versions. The main one is the look of the taillights and headlights. It cannot be generalized, but we liked the headlights of the Super Duty version more.

Color options are not known at the moment, but it is expected to see the 2017 Trans Am Super Duty in blue and black colors. Red is definitely an option, while yellow probably won’t even be an option.

Price and release date

2017 Trans Am in standard versions, which we mentioned at the beginning will be made in 77 units only. The production has already started and around 10 cars are delivered. Their price is between $75.000 and $90.000, depending on the engine and optional extras. Because manufacturer won’t make these cars anymore, chances are high it will become a future classic and the price will go up in huge amounts over the next decades.

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty version will be even rarer. Owners can expect 50 units to be ever made and the price is going to be around $100.000. If you know that Bugatti Veyron, with the same amount of power, had a price of $1 million, this is the best-buy, 1000HP car. Nevertheless, all units will be sold out in a few months after their delivery starts. It is perfectly clear why.


2017 Trans Am is any of the aforementioned versions is going to be a rare car. The total number of 127 units is entirely low if you know that Ferrari produces limited versions with 499 units. High in power, low in price, these cars are going to be amazing in the lack of a better word. Perhaps they are not made by original Pontiac, but they still bring the same charisma and thrilling while driving them.