2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Gives Massive 1000 HP Output

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty has comes out to the market and it comes out stronger than ever with its 1000 HP output. This muscle car is first introduced at Auto Show in New York by Trans Am Worldwide that based in Florida.

First used in Pontiac Firebird flagship, a lot of fans were not expecting any other update after Pontiac is discontinued by the General Motors in 2010. However in 2012, Pontiac made an agreement with Trans Am to use the brand, thus we can get this new 2017 model year of Trans Am.

2017 Trans Am

The former Trans Am Worldwide cars were made using Chevrolet Camaro’s fifth generation platform which using General Motor’s Zeta chassis. However for this 2017 model year, Trans Am will be built using Chevrolet Camaro’s sixth generation platform which using Alpha chassis that is more improved and much lighter thus will give improvement on its agility. Now let us see any other new detail that will be used on the 2017 model year of Trans Am.

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Exterior

The 2017 model year will have sleeker body with more masculine line but still maintain its retro and traditional style. You can also get T-top using glass material as an option. Just like any other model year of Trans Am, they are still using Pontiac Trans Am design from the seventies era. However, now they use carbon fiber material to create the body panels especially for the deck lid, the front and back fascia, the shaker scoop and hood, as well as the carbon fenders with vents as heat extractor.

They will also add custom design for grille on the front fascia. There will be unique style on the taillights and package for effect side ground. Custom painting effect is another major styling that can be seen in this 2017 model year with the use of “screaming chicken” decal on the hood, as well as custom detail on the rear and fender spoilers.

Trans Am weight and the handling for 2017 model year will be enhance using one inches lowering springs, package for anti rolling bar. They will also use 3 piece crawler ten spokes race wheel with 20 inches by 10 inches size up front, and 20 inches by 11 inches size in the back which will be wrapped using Michelin Pilot’s tires Sport 4S in 285/35R20 for the front wheel and 305/35R20 for the rear wheel.

The brake calipers will be custom coated and you can also choose to upgrade it with brake from Brembo. For this upgrade using brake from Brembo, you will get cross drilling two pieces rotors which clamped down using 6 pistons radial mount on the front calipers and 4 pistons radial mount on the rear calipers. The measuring also quite big which are 15 inches by 1.3 inches size on the front area and 15 inches by 1.1 inches on the rear area. This will really give a huge backup in halting the massive powered car.

Another upgrade option that you can get is the ceramic protective coating in three level upgrade as well as color upgrade option for the trim on the headlight bezel as well as back taillight bezel.

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Interior

On the interior the 2017 model year will use custom styled shifter handle. They will also restyle the climate vents using vintage style. The seats will have “455” embroidery on the head rest, while on the seat’s back they will have “SD” embroidery. They will also use embroidery on the floor mat, and adding custom design on the gauge cluster. The door panels as well as the door sills will be custom paint to style it.

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Engine

Engine is the greatest redesign that Trans Am offers for its 2017 model year since now they can be included in manufacture of production vehicle that offers cars with 1000 HP output. This can be said as a historical moment of Trans Am which will be remembered for a long time.

As the name of the car itself uses “455” the 2017 model year will be powered using 455 cubic inches V8 engine which is a great V LT1 engine with 7.4 liter capacity. They also get 14 psi boost from the Magnussen supercharger TVS2300 with 2.3 liter capacity. They only need 0.5 psi more if they want to match the output from Challenger Demon SRT.

It can produce massive amount of 1000 HP output as well as 1,046 lb ft of torque. That are 160 HP output and 276 lb ft of torque higher than what can be produce by the Challenger Demon SRT using race gas. And also 192 HP output and 329 lb ft of torque higher than what can be produce by the Challenger Demon SRT using 91 Octane.

This engine is possible because they are using premier engine supplier which based in Martinsville, Virginia that also used in NASCAR so the credibility should not be doubt. On further research, the premier engine supplier that they use might be The Arrington Performance which is owned by Joey Arrington who is a team owner and a NASCAR racer.

2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty Availability

The 2017 model year of Trans Am is already available for purchase, so you can ask the sales associate for the pricing number. Remember that there is only 50 examples are produced for this 455 Super Duty. Since it is a limited edition release then you might want to be quick if you really want to get one.


The 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty is a great car with massive 1000 HP output and 1,046 lb ft of torque release. That might be done so the car can still compete in today’s market. This is actually not a very huge change since Trans Am already has big output since a long time ago. Still the decision in bringing that amount of output can be considered as a historical moment for Trans Am own record.

Even with this massive update on the engine, they still maintain classic appearance of Trans Am which taken from the Pontiac release of Trans Am produced back in the seventies era. The classic design really the one that makes it stand out from other high output car in the market today. Especially with a lot additional embroidery and custom design which make the vehicle become even more prestige. This really shows that Trans Am reminds as a classic car that fans would love forever thus you would not be disappointed when getting one.