2018 BMW 5 Series Has Better Performance and Engines

2018 BMW 5 Series has been announce early since they want to remodel this series but it cannot be included in 2017 model year thus 2018 is the only choice. However the remodeling that is done to this new model year is very exciting since they offers more plug in as well as other models which are more oriented in the performance department.

2018 BMW 5 Series

However, you might need to look more into the detail if you want to spot the difference of this new model to the previous one. That needs to be done because the redesign of this 2018 model year is done to more hidden things such as construction that is more lightweight, better and more high technology, and more efficient and better powertrain. The high technology that used might come from BMW 7 series while the new engine is taken from last model year BMW 3 series which gets huge facelift.

For the previous model years, BMW 5 Series comes out with 530i as well as 540i trims which come in RWD as the standard option and AWD as the selection. However for this 2018 model year there are new variations with 530e iPerformance model and M550i model, which means we get more trims in this model year. We heard that the M550i model is considered as the quickest BMW 5 series ever released which even exceed acceleration from M5’s F10 generation that has been discontinued.

2018 BMW 5 Series Exterior

On the exterior side this 2018 model year still have the signature shape grille from BMW which shaped as dual kidney. When it comes to the exterior, it seems that BMW do not change a lot of things on the appearance aside from the lines on the side of the car which give some styling on its design. Of course, changing the exterior dramatically comes with a risk since a lot of fans already love the style so BMW do not want to change it too much.

Furthermore the car itself already have amazing shape which give more aerodynamic ability that also increase the performance of this car. Seeing the car at first glance, it seems that there is no dramatic change in the design. However it seems that this 2018 model year is more bulky and muscular than the previous model year. On the technology wise, this 2018 model year gets new LED on the tail and headlights which has new technology which have not been used in any other car today.

2018 BMW 5 Series Interior

On the interior side of this 2018 model year, it seems that BMW done more effort in redesigning it compared to the exterior design. We can see a lot of button is now styled using ambient lights which make it look shiny in the dark of the cabin. The board for the control panel has bigger size than before, however now it comes with less buttons. That might be because now they use larger size touch screen control panel.

BMW also uses the best material such as woods, leather as well as carbon fiber. Of course using this kind of premium material means the price will increase quite a bit. For the seats, they have restyled it to make the look appear better. The seats will have lumbar support which will make the driver and passenger feels more comfortable in the cabin. There are also cooling and heating systems on the seats which will come as option that you can select. We can see that this new 5 series from BMW will get a lot of high tech features including satellite radio, climate digital controller, navigation system, parking sensors, camera for all around view, emergency braking, telephone with hands free options, cruise control, internet connection, Bluetooth and many others.

2018 BMW 5 Series Engines

There are a lot of engines options that you can get for the 2018 model year as it also offers a lot of trims to begin with. The 530i that comes with 530i Sedan and 530i xDrive Sedan trim will carry 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with 2 liter capacity which could generate 248 HP as well as 258 lb-ft of torque which offered in RWD for the standard or AWD option.

The 540i that comes with 540i Sedan and 540i xDrive Sedan trim will carry 6 cylinder turbocharged engine with 3 liter capacity which could generate 335 HP as well as 332 lb-ft of torque and  0-60 mpg acceleration is on 4.7 seconds which offered in RWD for the standard or AWD option.

The 530e that comes with 530e iPerformance and 530e xDrive iPerformance trim is a hybrid option that will carry 4 cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine with 2 liter capacity as well as electric motor engine. With both engine you can get 248 HP as well as 310 lb-ft of torque and 14 miles electric range which offered in automatic transmission with 8 speed and comes in both RWD or AWD options.

The M550i is the newest M Performance version of this series which will come with M550i xDrive Sedan trim. It will carry 8 cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine with 4.4 liter capacity which could generate 456 HP as well as 480 lb-ft of torque and  0-60 mpg acceleration is on 3.9 seconds which offered in AWD for the standard with automatic transmission in 8 speed. The top speed of this trim is as high as 155 mph which is a lot faster than the current M5 model. There is also upcoming M5 sledgehammer model that will carries 8 cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine in AWD standard that might be released next year.

2018 BMW 5 Series Price

Since this 2018 model year has a lot of trim selection, the basic price of each trims also varied. Here are the starting prices of each trim that you will get for this series:

  1. 2018 BMW 530i Sedan start at $52.195
  2. 2018 BMW 530i xDrive Sedan start at $54,495
  3. 2018 BMW 530e iPerformance start at $52,395
  4. 2018 BMW 530e xDrive iPerformance start at $54,695
  5. 2018 BMW 540i Sedan start at $57,445
  6. 2018 BMW 540i xDrive Sedan start at $59,745
  7. 2018 BMW M550i xDrive Sedan start at $73,095

Of course there are optional features that you can get which will also increase the price that we have mention above.


2018 BMW 5 Series are popular car series from the BMW that a lot of people have waited. As you know this car comes with premium material and technology, so we could expect the best result from this series. Especially for the M550i xDrive Sedan trim that considered as the fastest option of the series and comes with better performance at least until the M5 sledgehammer model comes next year.

With all of the features that you will get from this car, it is no doubt that the price given is suitable. So if you want to get your hands to this car, better prepare for the budget from now. All in all, it is really a must have car especially for you who want to have elegant looking sedan vehicle that has great performance in the road then it is really the best car that you can get today.