2018 BMW M3 New Model Gets Few Changes

2018 BMW M3 seems to get a minor update following shortly after the facelifted BMW M4. This is the second change after in 2015, the compact sedan also receiving a small facelift with a set of new taillamps. And as for this upcoming version, it will be hard to tell the changes with the previous model since only the front end that gets some exterior changes along with LED technology addition. Meanwhile, we also expect the cabin to get a few changes as well. This new BMW M3 is speculated to hit US market in July as 2018 model. Read below for more information regarding the specifications, performance, and designs.

Overall 2018 BMW M3 exterior design does not change that much

2018 BMW M3

The new 2018 BMW M3 exterior look does not change that much and it only gets slight facelift on the front rear. Overall appearance just the same with the latest M3 and only both the headlamps and taillamps got replaced with the new unit and that is LED high tech. It will be hard to spot the different with the predecessor unless you are the brand admirer who can possibly notice the new light signature with a quick glance.

So far, we do not know whether the subtle modifications will disappoint potential buyers who maybe expect major makeover. But, we particularly believe that the automaker considering the previous model is already got a nice exterior view so complete redesign is unnecessary. Aside the new front end and LED lamps, it seems overall selection of colors is probably going to remain just like the on-going model. Well, this new car seems to completely depend on the class and speed to gain prospective buyers.

If the maker does not intent to give a whole alteration then we expect that they at least improve the performance of the car. More advanced aerodynamic need to be used so the vehicle can get a better performance and it also provide some help for the speed. Unfortunately, no more information regarding the upcoming car exterior design and we need to wait for the official release to get much detailed news.

2018 BMW M3 Interior Design has a few changes as well

Interior and cabin of 2018 BMW M3 has a few changes as well. Indeed that the maker did not reveal that much for M3 interior appearance but we expect it receive similar treatment as the exterior did. To enhance the comfort-ability as well as car performance, the cabin will have a lot of aluminum and carbon fiber trims; it will get softer touch and a better material to cover the inside of the car as well. In addition, to support driver’s control, the bolstered seats will be placed right on front while the layout of overall car resembles previous model.

For conclusion, there are no major changes inside the cabin, and only a few tweak here and there. Glad that they are still offer new color choices thus buyers can still get some customization for the interior look. Moreover, the illuminated M3 logo on both the passenger and driver’s seats will be updated with the new one.  And also, we expect that the car will be equipped with modern high tech features along with optional features for higher trims level. Updated standard safety features will be available as well and now the M3 will be supported by new navigation system professional plus Connected Drive features. No more detailed information regarding the interior design and we are going to update it as soon as possible when official confirmation is released in the further.

Under the hood of the new 2018 BMW M3 model

2018 BMW M3 engine will continue to run with 3.0 L TwinPower Turbo inline-six which going to deliver about 431 Hp (317 kW) and 550 lb-ft of torque. This engine can bring the car to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds with the availability of 6-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, there is an optional Competition Package that going to boost the power up to 450 horsepower but the torque score remain. With this optional engine, car acceleration time dropped to 4.1 seconds and also thanks to the optional 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. This nice package comes as well with exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels, returned adaptive M suspension, and M exhaust system mated with black chrome for the tips. In addition, we also expect that the top speed will keep around 163 mph.

For fuel rating and economy question, we cannot sure whether this car offer a good fuel efficient rating, however the EPA score for this vehicle is estimated will be around 17 Mpg in city and 26 Mpg in hwy with 20 Mpg combined and that’s if the car using the manual transmission. We are going to update soon about this matter when the car hits automarket.

2018 BMW M3 release date and price

The updated 2018 BMW M3 release date in US market is expected to come this July, but we are not sure either because some rumors said that after its production, the company will take a break for awhile (about 4 months) which mean that you may be able to get this car around August 2017. As for the pricing, since there are no major changes for the new compact sedan we agree that the price will not go that higher compared with previous model. Of course it is not going to be cheap but our best guest is the car will be offered beyond $64,000 and that’s the price tag you need to pay for the current M3 version. You can also expect that the car will be available in Tanzania Blue paint color because this optional color version was already been offered across the 3 series range.

As a final note, BMW M4 is expected to be debuted this year as well and it only gets minor changes too. This car is expected to be the more powerful version of M4 GTS as will be presented as M4 CS. So we are going to see both new 2018 BMW M3 and M4 this year.