2018 Ford Explorer: Possible Changes That Might Happen

When talking about future SUV, then you cannot ignore the up and coming of the new Ford Explorer, true that this SUV crossover is not been announced yet officially, but is there any doubt that this vehicle will not be available? The anticipation from the Ford Explorer fans seems to be high, but what about the other target market? You can find out the answer to all of those questions here.

Being one of the most recognizable brands in the automobile industry means that there are many people who are expecting it to come as soon as possible, this brand of crossover SUV is known for being very comfortable despite having three rows of seat so with the 2018 version, what changes and new things are we going to find? That is why this article is made, we have all the known information about this not yet announced mid size SUV and along with that, all the 2018 Ford Explorer spy shoot pictures. Remember that this SUV is not yet publicly announced thus there is a very high chance that the actual model looks different to the photos and pictures here.

2018 Ford Explorer Rumor and Information

2018 Ford Explorer

There are a lot of people who are anticipating this new 2018 Ford Explorer and this shows the brand power as the number one mid size SUV product in the United States of America; that is right, the past models of Ford Explorer is actually the bestselling vehicle in mid size SUV category since years ago. But then Ford decide that they will go with new design that is significantly different to what make the Ford Explorer famous, that does not go well for them. While the sales are still good, the demands were not as good as they were.

The redesign started with the 2016 model and it proves that it is not really a good idea because the interests of the Explorer brand start dwindling. The redesign is not the only thing affecting the interest and demand of the consumers, but also many other mid size SUVs producers are starting to make changes in order to make their products a lot more attractive to the modern market. So with this new version on the line, will it going to light up the interest of their consumer again? Or will it makes their brand weaker? For that, let us check the 2018 Ford Explorer review based on all the information that we know currently.

2018 Ford Explorer Design and Style

Let us start this review with the 2018 Ford Explorer exterior design or how good this SUV will look like when it came out. As said before, the last time that the Ford Explorer line has gone for a redesign was in 2016 while it proves to not have been a good idea after all, the design is still new and fresh thus we do not expect that the whole looks will be much different for this new version. While another redesign could actually be a good idea for this SUV especially with the dwindling interest, 2018 version is too soon, so if you are waiting for a complete significant redesign then you probably need to wait for at least the 2020 model.

But after all that, they are not stupid, they know that the redesign hurt the interest of the consumer and they will make sure that they fixed as many things that they could. Thus the 2018 version of this SUV will have small changes here and there, it will still use the same frame and chassis as the 2017 version, but we are sure that they will add more new and modern features to their new product.

Other thing that might affect how the SUV appearance is going to be the added new safety features. Many people consider the current model of the Explorer to not have good enough safety features, and that is why we expect the new version will have more advanced safety features. If you are wondering what safety features could affect the looks, then the new collision system might affect the front looks of this SUV.

Now for the 2018 Ford Explorer interior design, if you are not really a fan of them right now then you will be left disappointed for this newer model. That is right, we do not expect that there will be significant changes made to the interior and the cabin in general, similar to what happen to the exterior and it is still too soon for another complete redesign.

Of course you can expect some changes made, but the changes that is going to be made for the interior will not as big as what you can expect from the exterior which mean that the overall feels you get from the interior will automatically to be the same. While from the small number of spy shoot that we got shows that the material for the interior cabin has change slightly; it is now using a higher quality material.

So in the end if you care more about how it looks, this new 2018 Explorer will not be that much difference to the 2017 model. While there are minor changes made here and there, they are very negligible because they are made just for the new functions or features to be operational thus the overall feels of the exterior and interior are practically the same.

2018 Ford Explorer Engine and Specifications

As this 2018 version of the Ford Explorer is not going to be that much different to its 2016 and 2017 versions in terms of looks and size, so you can also expect that the overall dimensions of the SUV will not be that much different to its direct predecessor as well. Fortunately, there will be an upgrade regarding the material used for the exterior, it is now using many aluminum part which in turn will make the overall weight of the SUV decrease significantly, this decrease of weight in turn will affect the performance and the fuel efficiency of this SUV.

For the standard 2018 Ford Explorer engine, this information is unfortunately not available and we do not get any information about the performance as well, so all we can do about the engine is guessing. Although, there is big chance that they will still using the same engine found in the 2017 version in which the said engine is a 290 horsepower and 255 pound feet of torque 3.5 L V6 engine, this engine is quite good and many buyers are very satisfied with its performance, which is why we guess that they will not change the standard engine available for this new SUV.

You can also expect the new Ford Explorer will have different trim levels with different available engine and similar to the standard one, we do not expect that they will change the engine line up for the other trim levels as well. What does it mean? This means that you are looking for a 2.3L turbocharged four cylinder engine which has 280 horsepower and 310 pound feet of torque; this will be available for the Limited trim level and available to get for an increase price for the standard and XLT model.

There is another engine that is going to be available for this SUV and it is going to be available only for Sport and Platinum trim levels only, this engine is the biggest when compared to the other two available engines. The said engine is the 3.5L twin turbo V6 engine which is capable of generating 365 horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque.

The standard version has 17 mpg city, 24 mpg highway and 20 mpg combined fuel efficiency rate and because it is predicted that they are going with the same engine, then the fuel efficiency will not be that different. Although as said earlier, the use of lighter material will affect the fuel efficiency, it will not be that significant.

You can also expect that this new version is going to be available with the front wheel drive as the standard, the all wheel drive will also be available, but it will most likely be available for one or two select trim levels only. As for the transmission system, there is no actual benefit changing the currently used six speed automatic transmission system so it is a big possibility that they are still going with that current transmission system. For several select trim levels though, the nine speed automatic transmission system will be available. This transmission system is known for having better fuel efficiency compared to the original one.

2018 Ford Explorer Release Date Information

Unfortunately; as no official announcement has been made yet, the 2018 Ford Explorer release date and price are not yet known. But if you would like to guess, then expecting it to be available on the worldwide market in the late half of 2017 is going to be a good guess. For the price though, it is not going to be that much different to the current available model so you can expect that the 2018 standard version will be available on $32,000 price range, with other trim levels available for a little more money.

2018 Ford Explorer Competition and Conclusion

It is already noted that the Ford Explorer is one of the biggest midsize SUV brand out there and they took the best selling product in the United States of America for several years. But with the dip in interest caused by the 2016 redesign, it allows several other automobile producers to take some of that market away. So, the expected competitors for the new 2018 version of the Ford Explorer consisted of Chevrolet Traverse, Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Highlander, Nissan Pathfinder, Mazda CX-9, Honda Pilot and Dodge Durango.

That is an impressive list of competition, and it proves that the market for the mid size SUV right now is pretty healthy, but it might also signal the end of the dominance for the Ford explorer brand which has started since the 2016 redesign. However remember that are of these information regarding the 2018 Ford Explorer are still early concept and mostly rumor so the finished product can and hopefully be changed into something better.