2018 Ford Focus New Generation MK4 to be Release

2018 Ford Focus as the compact hatchback section from Ford has been waited by fans for a long time. Especially since there are rumors saying that this 2018 model year will become new generation for the Focus car from Ford. This means we can say good bye to the MK3 which first released back in 2012 year model. Seeing that the last generation of Ford Focus is already been used for around six years now, surely means that this series need new change to be able to compete in the current market so it could compete with the new VW golf as well as Vauxhall Astra which will be launch for the same model year.

2018 Ford Focus Exterior

2018 Ford Focus

From the exterior, it seems that the new generation of Focus will take some styling inspired by the new Fiesta we will have in the market around summer 2017. It seems that the MK4 will get redesigned even though it would not get completely new look since Focus’s fans already like what they have right now.

Despite still using the same chasing as the current model year, they give some remodeling to make it better and raised the suspension. This will give Focus more driving comfort and better agility on the road. They might also uses steel material with high tensile for the construction of the car which will make it lighter compared to the current model year.

Like the previous generation, Focus still has large overhang in the front and smaller overhang in the rear area. At first glance, the proportion of the car is still the same as previous generation. However, if you look it closely, you will notice that this new generation is wider and longer than the previous generation which includes both the rear and front track. Of course, this means that Focus as a compact hatchback will have great handling as it should be.

On detailed view, the old square shaped headlights are now restyled to be neater in rounder shape headlights. Both front grille and the air intake might have some restyling which will support restyled chrome trim. On the rear area, taillights cluster seems to have more horizontal styling which similar to the new Fiesta. The wheel arches will use plastic cladding which also follows Fiesta’s style.

2018 Ford Focus Interior

As the 2018 model year is longer to give more elegant silhouette, this means Ford will increase the wheelbase of Focus a little bit. This means that we will get larger cabin for the interior which will benefits the occupant. Especially for the rear occupant who will get larger leg space and more headspace for all occupants compared to the ongoing model year we have in the market right now.

The boot space will also increase significantly to be able to match with the other rivals such as VW golf that has 380 liter boot space and the Vauxhall Astra that has 370 liter boot space. This is a great step from Ford since the current model year only has 316 liter boot space which is very disappointing for the fans.

The MK4 Focus should also remodel its dashboard especially since Fiesta already ditch a lot of buttons which make its dashboard looked clutter and replace it with touch screen display. Despite that, it seems Ford will only give Focus the standard entertainment system since the touch screen display in eight inches size is rather small although you might be able to get larger touch screen display size as an option. However, they still use modern layout by putting both rev counter as well as HVAC controls to the left of the digital dash.

2018 Ford Focus Engine

As we all know, the reason why Focus has a lot of fans is because this car have good handling. You will feel as if you ride a sport car even though you are riding this family hatchback because of the great handling despite not breaking speed limit.

However, that does not mean Ford can stay relax and still use the current setting for the new model year. Especially since the new Vauxhall Astra is going for the fans with its great handling side which is Focus strongest point. If Ford wants to maintain Focus fans, then it means they will need to give more effort on making the handling side of this car better. That way Focus could still maintain its position and overcome its rival in handling department. So we can expect better set up on the power steering, suspension geometry on the front area and addition of stiffer suspension on the rear area.

For the engine, Ford will uses the EcoBoost as it is their three cylinder turbocharged signature petrol engine with 1 liter capacity. However, you can choose three kinds of power output that you want which start at 99 HP, move up to be 123 HP then the highest will be the 133 HP output. For the transmission Focus Active variant will still uses FWD as the default transmission. However they will also offer AWD transmission as the option that you can choose.

There might be possibility of Ford offering the new engine which is non turbo three cylinder engine which could give 84 HP output. However, we must first see whether Ford could make it happen in 2018 model year, or else we have to wait longer for this engine.

For diesel fans, you will be able to get diesel engine with 1.5 liter capacity. You will be able to choose from two kinds of output which are the 84 HP as well as 118 HP output. However they might also use TDCi engine with 2 liter capacity which will give great output.

After Mark Fields as the president and CEO of Ford announce there will be 13 cars series with electric engine offered before the end of this decade, a lot of fans also hope that Focus will get electric engine in 2018 model year. Moreover the C platform uses by Focus is developed to be used for hybrid engine or even pure electric engine in mind. This mean, there might be possibility that Ford will offers trim for both engine options for 2018 model year unlike the current model year that only offered in single EV option. With this engine options, the 2018 model year Focus will have broader competitive range, which could be rival from other company such as the current VW e-Gold, as well as other hybrid option car such as Kia Niro as well as Hyundai Ioniq.

2018 Ford Focus Price and Release Date

The offered price for 2018 Ford Focus will start around $24,500 on the basic trim. Of course higher trim with additional feature such as AWD option on the Active trim will cost you more. The highest trim which offered in the Vignale will cost around $41.250. Expect the car to be release in 2018.


2018 Ford Focus as the new generation will be slightly better than the current model year which still based on the previous generation. That is why this MK4 is worth to be waited next year, especially if you already a fans and do not want to turn over to the other rival that tries to take over Focus fans.