Know Specs, Price, And Details Of 2018 Ford Fusion

2018 Ford Fusion is a midsize sedan, placed above the Fiesta and Focus models and under Taurus. It attracts buyers with modern design, affordable price and a high level of practicality. We can say that Fusion is an ideal car for most, small families or those who are planning one. 2018 Ford Fusion brings us a few changes compared to the previous model.

Available powertrains of 2018 Ford Fusion

2018 Ford Fusion

In 2017, Fusion Sport model was one of the most appealing family, fast cars. The trend continues in 2018 and we already have a sport version. When it comes to engines, 2018 Ford Fusion comes with units suitable for fuel efficiency or decent performances. It all starts with 2.5L, 4-cylinder unit, reserved as a standard engine. If you are looking for something else, Ford prepared a series of additional engines to choose from.

1.5L, 2.0L, and 2.7L engines are available. All of them are EcoBoost powered and all of them are economical in their own range. Keep in mind that the 2.7L version is reserved for sport trim. It comes with all-wheel drive as standard, while other engines are paired with front-wheel drive. Just to add, AWD is available with all titanium gas versions, as an option.

A hybrid version is available as well. It is a plug-in hybrid with a combination of Atkinson-Cycle and 2.0L engine. It provides decent performances and it is reasonably economical. Perhaps it is the best version of 2018 Ford Fusion for families who will drive this car all the time.

Interior and cargo space

2018 Ford Fusion is simply better than rival models when it comes to the interior. Front and rear seats are large, comfortable and offer decent support. Even the passengers in the rear seats will have plenty of legroom and headroom. Perhaps the only drawback is the fact rear seats are less reclined than we should prefer. On the other hand, the 2018 Ford Fusion comes with LATCH system of newer generation. It makes the entire car more practical due to impressive anchor base. When the Fusion is paired with leather, using the LATCH system is a bit harder, because the leather is too stiff!

The quality of materials is above the average. The new 2018 Ford Fusion is simply better than all rival models and it incorporates better materials inside a cabin. Don’t expect cheap plastics of soft materials. We liked the central console and steering wheel. With latest clusters, this car truly looks far more expensive than it actually is. Other than that, don’t expect too much. This is still a midsize sedan!

With 16 cubic feet of cargo space, 2018 Ford Fusion is the best in the class, again. Compared to its rivals, only Honda Accord can be a decent opponent with 15.8 cubic feet. The space in Fusion is suitable for grocery bags, suitcases and most of the belongings an average family needs. The Large opening of the booth is there to allow you to get the most from it. In this area, the 2018 Ford Fusion is the best midsize sedan.

Important features

A base version won’t provide you anything spectacular. In essence, you will get a base SYNC infotainment system and 4 speakers, that’s it. A small display is responsible for displaying important information. Still, voice controls are present. A much better option is SYNC 3 system with full support for Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Additional 8-inch touchscreen with gesture system same as smartphones have is definitely an option to consider. In addition, the graphics is clear.

Safety is important for family sedans, so we must mention some of the features which are desirable. 2018 Ford Fusion isn’t properly tested yet, so there are no official ratings. However, 2017 version had 5 stars and because both cars are almost the same, we expect a high score of 2018 version as well.

Standard features include My Key, which allows you to set the speed of a car when other drivers are driving and to block the stereo system until all passengers are buckled up. Rearview camera is standard as well. Other, base features of 2018 Ford Fusion are not important.

Getting a higher trim version, you can get a decent amount of features, including lane, keep assist, automatic headlights, cross traffic alert and etc. Still, the highest trim versions are equipped with all, latest features. Parking sensors, automatic parking, adaptive cruise control, auto braking, collision warning system which can detect pedestrians are all included in the higher trim levels.

Rival models are a bit different when it comes to the safety features. Honda offers Sensing system for additional $1000, but Toyota Safety Sense package is now standard on all cars!

Trim versions and their differences

2018 Ford Fusion is available in 5 different trim levels, each one bringing plenty of differences and additional features. Additionally, you may want to know that engines are different for most trims. Anyway we have:

  1. S- This is the most affordable version of the 2018 Ford Fusion and it comes with basic features which we mentioned above. Just to repeat, My Key and rear-view camera are standard. Front seats are manually adjustable (drivers in 6 directions and passenger’s seat in 4 directions.
  2. SE- It is available with two engines, one is 1.5L EcoBoost and it comes with SYNC 3 infotainment system. Other features include parking sensors, air conditioning and the ability to choose all-wheel drive. Speaker system with 11 speakers is standard equipment.
  3. Titanium- Ford Fusion in Titanium trim level brings additional improvements compared to SE version. 12-speaker system, moonroof, voice activated navigation are all available.
  4. Sport- In this trim, a car is powered by a 2.7L, V6, and all-wheel drive. Handling and performances are more than just decent.
  5. Platinum- If you are looking for a 2018 Ford Fusion with all features available, this version is for you. Besides moonroof, AC, leather, adaptive cruise control and automatic parking, the car is equipped with pedestrian detection and a pre-collision

The best version is obviously Platinum. For those who prefer sporty cars, Fusion Sport is just right. However, SE version is the best value for money. It brings you everything you are going to need, but nothing more.


The price of a 2018 Ford Fusion starts at $22,000 for the base version. Add a few optional extras and you will reach $30,000. The premium model will cost you $38,000, but you get literally all the features and optional extras Ford offers for this car. Even in this version Fusion is an affordable sedan.

Rival models

The main rivals are Mazda Camry, which has better safety features and looks better but isn’t available with AWD and it doesn’t support Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Honda Accord is identical to Fusion, but the design is one of the worse in the class. Performances and reliability are quite opposite. Chevrolet Malibu is a decent choice, but the base version is seriously underpowered and isn’t very fun to drive. Hyundai Sonata may be the most common alternative. It has been among us for a long period of time, but don’t expect too much from it. This is an average car.


2018 Ford Fusion brings the best previous models had to offer. It is reliable, practical and with a few optional extra, it is a great car. Available in Sport version, with all-wheel drive, this family sedan will make you smile a lot while driving it! Other things to know are excellent cargo space and impressive safety ratings. Overall, this is a car to consider regardless of what you want from it. Fusion will ensure athletic handling, decent fuel consumption and it will stay useful for future years to come.

Due to My Key feature, which is standard on all versions, Fusion is ideal for families with teenagers who are starting to drive cars. It can limit the top speed and it won’t play sound until all passengers are buckled up!