2018 Ford Fusion Undergo Some Changes According to Rumors

2018 Ford Fusion seems to be ready to go to market although we do not know when but we expect it will be released sometime in spring this year. Many people also wondered what would be taken by the automaker to make Fusion better than ever for the new model because if we can recall, the current version is already went a pile of changes for the first time since the last redesigned Fusion in 2013. Anyway, 2017 Fusion has been quite updated with little makeover and that’s including the new trim levels plus the engine. But somehow, the changes are not as big as we would have expected and thus many people waiting for the successor to create more improvement and refreshment in 2018. That being said, we can hope the new car gets a lot of changes under its skin as well as a new variation of engines.

The Notable Rumored Changes

2018 Ford Fusion

Meanwhile, the current Ford Fusion cannot really match its rivals especially if we talking about its quality compared with the quality of Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series as European cars. That’s why, 2018 Ford Fusion specifications will make everything different if the maker plans to enhance the car a lot better than before. Some rumors said that the upcoming model will get a new platform that would still be FWD (Front Wheel Drive). However the overall length of its body will be shorter and the wheelbase will be longer than the current model. Moreover, the platform should deliver some material like high strength steel, aluminum, and it possible that the car will employ composites in certain areas. The changes to be made should include new features and technologies, new machine, and new running gear as well. But still, do not expect big changes in this model.

2018 Ford Fusion designs might get smaller

Just like we already mentioned above, the new 2018 Ford Fusion exterior design might get smaller due the makeover version in the platform. As you may know, currently, Ford Fusion is one of the largest cars in its class and judging for that fact, the automaker maybe decides to make it a little bit smaller. Since the exterior look is likely going to be adjusted, we can say that it is a nice thing because many new cars tend to have bigger body in these days. Furthermore, the sleek design of Fusion should continue unchanged even for the next model, although the car is very popular among families, but its roofline as well as rear headroom areas have suffered inconvenience size which makes the passengers uncomfortable during ride. Thanks that the car makes up with bigger leg room, a quiet cabin, and large trunk space. With many notes need to be taken seriously for the sake of 2018 new model, we hope the maker will resolve that problems.

In terms of interior look, current Ford Fusion is already known for the not-so-good interior design compared with its rivals. If Ford wants to compete head to head with Audi and BMW then it needs to get a better finishing for that part. Unfortunately, no official statement regarding the interior of the next year model, but if Ford wants to survive this battle then it surely needs to manage 2018 Ford Fusion interior design meaning make it better than before without sacrificing its look. Some also suggest that the Fusion may take some of Ford’s GT, but do not expect that much.

New engine for 2018 Ford Fusion is positive to happen

2017 Ford Fusion is very lack in terms of engine quality and you can even say it is the worst thing ever about the current model. If the ongoing vehicle gets 2.5 L engine, then for the new Fusion we are very pleased to tell that it is possible will be equipped with the old turbocharged 1.5 L EcoBoost I-4 and it is likely to be a standard machine. The Fusions will carry 6-speed automatic transmission and maybe 6-speed manual as well. The engine will deliver about 180 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. In addition, there might be optional two engines of around 2.0 L turbocharged EcoBoost machine which offer two different power levels and this time it may provide closer to 270 hp.

We still not sure about the engine upgraded version for this car, so regardless of car’s machine of 2018 Ford Fusion new model. It might still carry similar engine that you can found in current model while Front Wheel Drive will be a standard specification. In addition, Ford Fusion will be available in Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Hybrid trims too. We will going to update this information as soon as possible right after we get more news especially from official statement that we are sure you waiting for as well.

2018 Ford Fusion features may remain the same

Expect standard features of 2018 Ford Fusion to remain and these including LED taillamps, automatic headlamps, 16 inch alloy wheels, a 60/40 split folding rear seat, rearview camera, 4-speaker sound system, and Bluetooth connectivity. If you want to have more features then you can choose higher trims such as Titanium, Platinum, SE, or Ford Fusion Sport. As for safety features, Ford Fusion seems very dependable because the current model is already got a great ratings and thus you can anticipate that the new model earning similar specs. Sadly, no strong details regarding the features but expect a full review about them is ready when the launch date is closer.

2018 Ford Fusion release date and price

2018 Ford Fusion price is yet to be released, however the price will not go that far from the current model and that’s about $22,995 to $39,615 current price range. Based on the price, despite its competition with BMW 3 Series and Audi 4, Ford Fusion will likely compete with Honda Accord (price range about $23,330 to $35,805), Kia Optima (price range about $23,050 to $36,940), and Toyota Camry (price range about $23,935 to $32,235) as well. The release date of upcoming car is unknown, but we expect it will be released around spring this year just like we already mentioned before. Until then, we cannot wait to get more updated news to convince ourselves that this car will get a better improvement than its predecessor.


Ford Fusion competing in midsize family sedan segment along with BMW 3 Series, Audi 4, Kia Optima, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry. The new model will be released soon anytime in this year and people expect some changes to be made including body platform and for the first time, Ford will carry aluminum material including longer wheelbase and shorter length. For the engine, the current Ford is not quite good to bring satisfying machine and that’s why a better option surely will be made such as new turbocharged engines with higher and strong power. In addition, Ford is definitely going to target fuel efficiency and might be develop a better performance compared than previous model. So far, many rumors come out to the surface before the official release of 2018 Ford Fusion, meaning that there is a lot of possibility might happen and we are going as fast as we can to bring you new trusted information regarding this matter.