Everything About 2018 Ford Ranger Worth Mentioning

Finally, we will have an opportunity to see the 2018 Ford Ranger on the North American market anytime soon. Perhaps you think the Ranger isn’t going to be available for the US market anytime soon, but according to latest speculations, you are wrong. 2018 Ford Ranger will become available as a redesigned version of the car made for other parts of the world. Currently, this truck is produced in Argentina, Thailand, South Africa and several other parts of the globe.

Design of the 2018 Ford Ranger

2018 Ford Ranger

As we have mentioned, the design is going to be based on the current models, made and sold in some parts of the world. This especially relates to the model for the Australian market. 2018 Ford Ranger will be slightly modified compared to that version. There are no plenty of data associated with it, but according to the Reddit and a threat published by one of Ford’s designers (confirmed), the car will be severely modified at the front. We will see a new grill, new headlights, and several other improvements. The rest of the truck should stay the same.

2018 Ford Ranger is a rival of the Honda Ridgeline, Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma. All of these cars are well-known and appreciated thanks to the durability and a high level of practicality. Ford believes that this segment is one of the most important when it comes to trucks, so we can expect a high-quality car with plenty of features.

Engine and transmission

Engines available for the 2018 Ford Ranger are kept as a secret. We can expect 3.2L, with 4 cylinders, but chances are low it will ever reach serial production in the Ranger. Just to add, this engine is currently available for Ford Transit. The unit in question is available for Ranger in Australia and several other markets, but for the US market, it probably won’t be enough.

More probable speculations are that the car will use a 4-cylinder unit with Eco Boost system and another, V6 engine without a turbocharger. It isn’t possible to predict the power output, but we believe that power between 200HP and 420HP is possible.

All of you who are waiting for a diesel engine will have to wait much longer. Ford is currently monitoring the success of Chevrolet Colorado diesel. If all goes well, they will add diesel engine in Ranger, but if the sales figures are not great, we won’t see this engine in Ranger.

The transmission is a separate matter. Ranger will be available as rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive car. Here we have another, possible issue. The manual transmission will be available, but only for models with rear-wheel drive. Other than that, we are looking at the 10-gear automatic gearbox, seen on Ford F-150. 2018 Ford Ranger will be fun to drive with a manual, but it will be far more economical with automatic transmission.


The 2018 Ford Ranger won’t be a completely new car, obviously, but it is going to have a new interior. It is obvious, due to the fact American car manufacturers have always changed interiors of cars available on the US market. As such, we can expect more comfortable surrounding and larger seats. The quality of materials will stay the same, but we may see a few improvements, probably in the leather.

Smarter tech is going to become present, probably. This is actually going to be mentioned below, and it is based on the first, unofficial tests of the 2018 Ford Ranger. In essence, the Ranger will be more comfortable, better to drive and it is going to be powered by smarter tech inside a cabin. Touchscreen, simple speaker system, and air conditioning are going to be included, besides other features.

First tests in Australia

2018 Ford Ranger is seen in Australia. According to local findings and details, there are going to be two versions worth mentioning. The first one is for US market and it gets new suspension, new engines and as we mentioned new interior. The platform is T6 and it is going to be slightly modified. There is evidence that the rear discs are going to be standard.

The second version is going to be developed for Asia Pacific market. It has the same platform as the older version of a truck and most of the changes are cosmetics, like grills, headlights, and bumpers.

Rumors for new technology used in a car

Thanks to the spy photos and rumors, it is possible to reveal a few features the new car will bring. Some may be improved, but some are completely new and deserve to be introduced. As such, future owners will get:

  • LIDAR system- The module was seen under the camo covers a prototype model had. It brings a much better adaptive cruise control feature and it will make a car safer to drive.
  • Additional camera- A camera on the rear-view mirror will likely going to be directed towards detecting pedestrians and animals. We also believe that the truck will have more than just one camera and that it will use them for easier parking and better safety.
  • Semi-automatic parking- A sensor, a sonar module, in fact, is seen on the side of a bumper. The point of this system is to provide semi-automatic parking, so we know that the Ranger is going to have this system.
  • Keyless entry- Most cars made in the United States are equipped with keyless entry as a standard The Ranger will be one of them. We saw it because all doors have locking buttons.
  • LED lights- The daily LED lights are going to be implemented as well. They are already confirmed and in most parts of the world, they are almost mandatory.

Overall, the Ranger is going to be redesigned car, not a completely new model. Still, it has a lot of features to bring.

Release date and price

2018 Ford Ranger will become available on the US market in 2018. The precise month isn’t known, but we are expecting to see this truck in the spring or summer. The price is kept as a secret. It should be around $25,000, with a few sources telling us the price will be around $20,000. Still, a version with decent features and optional extras will be around $30,000.


Ford Ranger will soon be available in the United States. The prices are affordable and this truck is expected to be loaded with smarter tech. Details are not revealed by Ford officially, but they have been speculated. A completely new car will be launched in 2020 and it will probably have an all-new platform and even smarter technologies. For now, the 2018-year version is all we got.