2018 Ford Ranger Review: Design Look Out and Availability

As we all know for the North America market, Ford is making the 2011 Ford Ranger as their final release on the market which assembled in Twin City factory assembler. The reason is because there are some problems in the finance department as well as Ford own fear that their Ranger line will take out some of their customer from the Ford F-150 market. Since then on the 2012 version of the car which is Ford Ranger T6 is assembled at the factory in Argentina. Then is it really the end of Ford Ranger in for the American market?

Fear not since in 2015 there are reports that say they will revive Ford Ranger line back for the American market which suspected as the 2018 Ford Ranger. Especially since the 2018 model is also making its first appearance in 2015 at a motor show in Bangkok in close time range as when the rumor spread out. This decision is made because Ford finally realizes the importance of Ranger line for their NA market because of GMC Canyon and Holden Colorado that still has great sale despite their competition.

With quick decision finally in 9th of November 2015, the US auto worker union then received agreement tentatively to make a Ranger in their Michigan factory assembler in which the 2018 model year also mention along with Ford Bronco. Because of that, they already invest as much as $700 millions from their 9 billion investments made in 11 factories in the US to the Michigan factory assembler to renew their tools. It is also estimated that there would be 8500 new jobs opening in the Michigan factory assembler because of the Ford Ranger revival. This is really good news from the former Ford Ranger fans that already waiting for their favorite car revival.

With much anticipation and excitement, let us see this new 2018 Ford Ranger which has revised appearance compared to the old models. This midsize pickup is packing new line of interior and exterior which really make it still in for any competition even today. Especially since it is completed with a whole range of electric feature for safety in their design. You can really see why Ranger fans still in love with this car despite the discontinue action for the US market. Now let us see what this vehicle has to offer for us.

2018 Ford Ranger Exterior

You can see in that in this 2018 edition of Ranger, Ford has made the style to become more contemporary. They use new kind of sheet metal to the new sweeping line with clean look and a new grille in trapezoidal shape. Great feature also given to the 2018 Ford Ranger headlamp which completed with fog light and projector for the beam light which styled with chrome finish.

On the rear part 2018 Ford Ranger also has revised appearance for its tailgate and bumper which received chrome finish. If you compare the design with its current model, you can see that this 2018 version is made to be more angular. But you can see that Ford still mean it when they make the departure angles and the ground clearance to be higher.

2018 Ford Ranger Interior

For the interior, you can see that they give the overall appearance a crisp design yet still functional especially with the gauge cluster which placed in the center or the board. However for the display, they seem to be taking the design from Ford Fusion as they have similar appearance. The entertainment screen is made to be eight inch size completed with the newest software from Microsoft which is SYNC 2. With this program, you can give any command just by speaking the prompt because they have command listening feature that has been improved.

The board and the steering wheel on 2018 Ford Ranger also received some revision on the trim that now hold aluminum color which make it look more stylish. The seats are bolstered while the shift boot also wrapped with leather which make it appear more luxurious looking.

2018 Ford Ranger safety feature

If you looking for high tech feature, you would not be disappointed since this car has great electronic feature such as safety nets which will really protect you from any accident. The electronic type of this feature has electric sensor which make it work faster in need.

For you who has some difficulties in keeping your car in lane, this 2018 Ford Ranger has an aid for lane keeping as well as an alert which will make it easier for you to keep your car in line. This will really be good for you since it is not only keep you safe but also help those new truck drivers gain more confidence.

There’s also a forward alert which will be good for safety and those who has small garage to park the vehicle easier. This means the radar cruise control in the car really high tech so you can be sure with Ford safety feature.

The driver alert will really help to alert truck driver to know when it is the time for them to rest, which sometimes a problem with truck driver that loves to drive for a long time going from one city to the other.

For you who have some problem with parking, they also have park assist system for both rear and front part to ensure the 2018 Ford Ranger to be easier to park even for new driver. This feature is a must if you want to try and drive a truck, especially since Ranger from Ford is a midsize truck which suitable for beginner.

You will feel even safer with Ranger electronic stability program that uses computerize technology to help you in need. The program will detect when there is not enough steering control. When that happen the program will automatically add some brake control to help the driver go towards where they want to be, this also completed with Ford’s famous adaptive load control that could help adjust the setting. They also have assistance for the emergency brake which will be done by the sensor in the time of danger.

2018 Ford Ranger Performance

To increase its performance Ford gives Ranger four type of engine trim, one of them is gasoline while the other three is diesel. You can basically choose any engine since they have only slight difference. For two of them, they still use the basic TDCi engine with 2.2 liter capacity for the turbodiesel which similar to the 2014 version although they already boost it more since now the engine can give as much as 158 hp and 128 Hp.

If you want higher performance, you can try to choose the 2018 Ford Ranger TDCi engine that has five cylinder with 3.2 liter capacity for the turbodiesel which could give you 7,716 pound of loads since it can deliver 197 Hp as well as 347 pound feet for the torque. For the gas engine type, you will get Duratec engine in 4 cylinder with 2.5 liter capacity which could give you 164 Hp as well as 166 pound feet for the torque.

For the transmission itself, all engines can be carried with manual transmission or you can also choose to have automatic transmission since both of them has six speed. Another feature that both engines has are the system for auto start or auto stop which will work in idle condition.

2018 Ford Ranger Price and Release Date

Since it is a Ford car, you should expect the price to be similar to the previous release which is around $23,000 for the basic trim while for the higher trim it is expected to be around $36,000. 2018 Ford Ranger could be release internationally anytime soon, sadly there are reports that saying they would not be release for the America market. So if this report is true then if you want to get your hands on one, you might need to go to different country to get it.

But do not be afraid since the project to bring back Ford Ranger for North American market is still undergoing. In an NA international auto show back in 9th of January 2017 Ford representative have already said that the American market will get 2019 model instead of 2018 model.

The 2019 Ford Ranger will be made in Michigan factory assembler and they will move the Ford C-Max as well as Ford Focus that currently produced there to their Mexico factory assembler. They will redesign Ford Ranger T6 version to be 2019 Ford Ranger with different styling and added feature which is unique for the North American market.

The revival of Ford Ranger in 2019 is actually the first effort from Ford to also bring back Ford Bronco which will be build in the similar platform later in 2020. But fear not since the chief technical from Ford already saying that 2020 Ford Bronco would not bring the current Ford Everest design since they will make a unique design especially for it to appeal more in the market that might be similar to 2018 Ford Ranger.