2018 Ford Raptor Come with Better and More Powerful Engine

2018 Ford Raptor is waited by many people that already become this pickup truck fans because of its powerful engine. Ford Raptor itself is one of the brand’s F-Series variations that available since 2010 in the name of SVT Raptor before it is renamed into Ford Raptor in 2017. The 2017 year model is made using Ford F-150’s aluminum body which first came out in 2015.

2018 Ford Raptor

For this 2018 model year, Ford said that Raptor will get several changes in their styling from front to end, and from the inside out. Not that the previous model year need many changes, but surely everyone is happy to see some changes in this car styling especially if it is for better result. Of course some fans are afraid that Raptor will lost its favorite feature, but Ford ensured fans that the 2018 model year would still keep previous best qualities. Now let us see the new features that this model year gets as well as previous feature that Ford brings into the new car.

2018 Ford Raptor Exterior

If you see the 2018 model year, you will be surprised that the new car has completely different appearance than the previous model year. Of course it will completely change the car appearance towards new level.

The new design still uses aluminum bodywork but add higher strength to its steel frame. With this design, it means that this 2018 model year car will have around 500 lbs reduction in its weight compared to the previous model.

The basic design will still be the same as previous model even though it will be 6 inches wider. This change will make the car become more stable when used in rough terrain. The bumper will also be raised into higher position which will give the car better approach angle and departure angles.

The headlamps will now use LED technology, and they will add dual exhaust to the rear part which will give balanced appearance to the car. for the wheels this 2018 model year will get 17 inches size.

2018 Ford Raptor Interior

For the cabin part of the car, you will also see that Ford gives quite plenty of changes into its interior. There are a lot of things that we can say about the interior look which may surprised you because even the car seat design has been changed. The inserts now uses leather as well as suede material.

Console in the head is upgraded with high technology. The steering wheel also uses the same leather as well as suede material, while the paddle shifters has bigger shape which similar to the F1 design.

The gauge cluster will have sizeable display which will give a lot of information for the driver. Especially the camera for the rear view will give some assistant so driver could park parallel easier.

For the cab configurations there will be both supercrew cab as well as half doors cab as the option. The half doors cab will give you enough rooms for head and legs and quite bit of space for the cargo. While the supercrew cab will give you four doors, bigger space for the cargo. This second cab selection will also have longer wheel base for around 12 inches.

2018 Ford Raptor Engine

For the powertrain the V6 engine with 3.5 liter capacity and Ecoboost technology will be used in upgraded version. Even though the previous powertrain give great power, but the efficiency is not good enough, which is why Ford decide to use other engine as the powertrain. On the drivetrain, it seems there will be automatic transmission with 10 speeds.

With this new engine as the powertrain we could expect that this 2018 model year will have higher than 450 HP while the torque rating will be around 510 pound feet. That rating is surely higher than the previous model year’s engine that could only give around 411 HO while the torque rating is only around 434 pound feet. With the new powertrain, this will also increase 2018 model year towing rating into 2000 lbs capacity. The ratio for torque to weight will also increase for around 22 percent.

After the announcement made by Ford in Auto Show in Detroit that unveil that there will be hybrid engine in Ford F-150 car in around two or three years, a lot of fans are waiting for the hybrid trim option for the Ford Raptor. We still waiting for the hybrid engine to shows up in close future but we do not know when the hybrid engine trim option will be available.

The fuel efficiency is also unknown, however since Ford has decided to use upgraded powertrain in this 2018 model year, the fuel efficiency should be better compared to the last model year for at least 20 percent more.

2018 Ford Raptor Price and Release Date

For the selling price, it will be around $51,000 for the basic trim but for the highest trims we have not know the offered price. For the release date, you will be able to get your hands on this car in middle of 2017 year.


2018 Ford Raptor is a great car to wait which will be release in this 2017 year. Especially if you are one of the truck fans that want to find a car which will give you a great power. The price range on this 2018 model year is still similar to the previous year, so you can try to save some money to purchase it later on. Sadly there are no more announcements about the hybrid engine option on the Raptor from Ford even though a lot of people are already excited ever since Ford announces the engine possibility. We might need to wait for two or three more years for the hybrid engine option to be available in the Raptor. Still Ford has done a great work in upgrading the engine used in this 2018 model year so it will have better power compared to the previous model year which we excited about.