2018 Ford Super Chief Pick Up Truck Recent Review

There is one interesting news’ or rumor, emerging from the automobile industry recently and it is about a vehicle named the 2018 Ford Super Chief, most of you probably do not familiar with the name at all. The Super Chief has never been a brand, in fact if this rumor is indeed come true, this is the first product from Ford that is going to be named Super Chief, so what is this vehicle actually is? For those of you who is a pickup truck lover then you should be glad, because we have a lot of pictures of this pickup truck; not coming from any 2018 Ford Super Chief spy shot but rather the actual official ones.

2018 Ford Super Chief Recent Information

2018 Ford Super Chief

If you are wondering where we got those pictures of this supposedly new vehicle then do not be surprised. The Super Chief is actually a concept car, back in the day it was first mentioned and shown more than a decade ago; specifically in 2006. Back then, no one would expect that the concept pickup truck named the Super Chief will actually going to be produced and released on the market. Admittedly, it’s been a long time ago, and not many people would remember, but there is strong indication that this year will going to be the year where that concept car is going to be actually released on the market.

There is very little information known about this new Super Chief and Ford does not seem too interested in showing the public the kind of pickup truck this Super Chief is going to be, but we can probably guess what this vehicle will be from the concept back than plus the current technologies used on other Ford’s Products. As you can see from the pictures, this vehicle looks very unique, it is very different to any other pickup trucks that you see in the market today and if you are getting interested on this new model, here is our 2018 Ford Super Chief review.

2018 Ford Super Chief Has a Very Superb Looks

To start with the review, we will take a look into the 2018 Ford Super Chief exterior design, in which it is, one of the strongest points of the whole review. The unique exterior design is what makes this new Super Chief different, not only that it looks more modern and futuristic, but it also gives you a luxurious feels into it, which make an interesting attraction gap considering this vehicle is meant to be used for heavy duty purposes. And it looks like the frame and whole design configuration is based on a hybrid between the F250 and an original design.

First, let us take a look at the grille, the big grille looks super attractive with its three chrome bars placed on top each other and in the middle of the grille they placed the Ford logo. The grille is very big, it is bigger than many grilles found on the current Ford’s products and because it is divided into three different lines, the top two lines are connected with the headlights. The lights itself are supposedly changed from the concept, and it is now using a more modern LED lights; and it is going to be the same with the taillights as well.

The color of the pickup truck itself is very futuristic because almost 100% of the vehicle is covered with silver color making it looks more glorious. The Super Chief will also be using the suicide door system instead of the regular one; you can see it from one of the pictures, this makes it a lot more unique. Unfortunately, whether or not they are going to use this type of door for the production unit is questionable as it might makes things too cumbersome for some people, so they might choose to go with the traditional style in the end.

As for the 2018 Ford Super Chief interior design, we can only base this theory on the concept pictures from a decade ago. While they are surely a lot of changes made to allow a much more modern technologies and gadgets to fit the cabin, they are probably not going to change a whole lot as far as the material is concerned. If they indeed still decide to use the same material then we are going to have a cabin covered with luxurious leather and with the more modern features. The interior should be quite a treat for a heavy duty pickup truck.

As for the concept car back in 2006, the dashboard is pretty plain plus there is not much things in it, but we can expect that they are going to change the dashboard. Obviously, if they decide to go with the leather material then the dashboard will also be as luxurious and stylish as the whole cabin, so you can expect modern infotainment and entertainment control systems to be found on the dashboard. There is at least one display screen with touchscreen capability on the dashboard, but we expect that there will be 2 screens available.

2018 Ford Super Chief Powerful Performance

This part is going to be mostly theories and expectations because there is little to no information about what you get under the hood of this pickup truck. The 2018 Ford Super Chief engine is speculated to be very powerful with about 550 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque, that said engine is the 6.8L V10 engine, this engine is also special because it is using the tri-flex fuel technologies; it means that this engine can be fueled by hydrogen, ethanol and regular gasoline. This engine will be combined with the six speed automatic transmission system while the fuel efficiency data is not known, but we expect that this engine will allows this Super Chief to reach 180 mph as its maximum speed limit.

2018 Ford Super Chief Conclusion

Guessing the 2018 Ford Super Chief release date and price is also very difficult, there is no information that can be taken as a base; remember, this is the first of its line. But if this vehicle is indeed available, then you can expect that Ford will announce it officially this year, but you will need to wait until early 2018 before you can get your hand on one of this.

As for the price, do not expect that it will be available cheaply, it has superb design that is both futuristic and elegant, the material for the interior is pretty luxurious and there is going to be a lot of technologies installed. So, if you want to start preparing for when the 2018 Ford Super Chief to be available in the market, a minimal price of $65,000 is expected.