2018 GMC Sierra Performances, Upgrades And Price

2018 GMC Sierra is definitely a desirable truck. It is light-weight commercial or heavy-duty vehicle with some elements same as Chevrolet Silverado. It is known that GMC uses the same elements for multiple cars, meaning that not one of them is completely unique. Other than that, 2018 GMC Sierra brings us plenty of upgrades and interesting gadgets.

Exterior of the 2018 GMC Sierra

2018 GMC Sierra

If you are proficient in finding differences, you will notice that the 2018 GMC Sierra is almost identical to the previous version. In essence, there are no major changes, due to the fact the design in question is still modern and doesn’t require upgrades. However, soon we will be able to see a completely redesigned version, probably for 2019.

Overall, the design is modern, clever and purposely chosen to meet the demands or more demanding owners. This is a truck, meaning that the accent has to be placed on the practicality, rather than on pure looks. 2018 GMC Sierra looks elegant from the rear and it has an impressive front part. LED lights and grill truly make a difference.

The rear part is elegant and simple, purposely incorporated for better practicality. Loading the truck is simple and easy.

Although there are different trim versions, which will be mentioned below, all of them have the same exterior. The main differences are in the engine, specifications, and price. 2018 GMC Sierra is available with different beds and cabs. As such, buyers can choose between standard car, crew cab and double cab. The cargo space is available as a standard box or longer box.

Interior of the car

Interior of a 2018 GMC Sierra is the main advantage compared to rival models! You will feel like you are in a sedan or a luxury car rather than in a truck. This means that the seats are heated and ventilated, there are no low-quality materials and all the buttons are optimized to be used while wearing gloves. The only issue here is the cheap wood-a-like material. It looks like ordinary plastics and it isn’t appealing.

2018 GMC Sierra is loaded with the features inside a cabin. It offers dual-zone air conditioning, phone connectivity, wireless charging, decent touchscreen and plenty of additional features, commonly seen in sedans or city cars, rather than on trucks. We must add that the interior is practical and you won’t have to waste your precious time finding a knob or a button. It is an interesting worker’s truck and it is generally an interesting place to be.

Keep in mind that a cabin choice will affect the interior, obviously. The standard cabin doesn’t offer rear seats, so it is useful only for drivers who will transport a single passenger. The crew and the double cabin offer rear seats and they share the same advantages front part of the cabin offers. Luxury, comfort, and elegance are all included. 2018 GMC Sierra is obviously available with longer or standard cargo space, which directly affects the cabin choice.


The secret why 2018 GMC Sierra is a desirable car is in the engines. Buyers can caboose between 4 different units, ranging in power between 285HP up to 420HP. The base engine is 4.3L, V6 with 285HP. It is a decent choice, but don’t expect too much from it. You get average power and a great fuel consumption. Towing capacity isn’t impressive as well. More desirable engines start with 5.3L, V8 and it goes to 6.2L, V6. Still, the premium engine for this car is the best. It is a 6.7L unit, V8 powered by diesel. It produces 420HP, which allows you to use the truck for any application you have in mind. Torque varies as well. You can expect between 305 up to 910 pound-feet of torque. As you may believe, 2018 GMC Sierra is just perfect with the highest torque value.

Average towing capacity depends on an engine and transmission. In this case, it is 6.000 pounds, but a 910 pound-feet of torque version offers a much better towing capacity. When it comes to this matter, Sierra is a great choice, capable of meeting your towing demands without an issue.

Other specifications you will need to know is the wheel drive. Rear-wheel drive is standard and available for most engines. However, all-wheel drive is preferred It increases the towing capacity and it allows you to drive this car across uneven terrain or even in the forest. 8-gear automatic transmission is just right. It features impressive gear ratios and it is a heavy-duty part of the truck.

The top speed is 150mph, but only if you choose one of the more powerful engines. 0-60mph time is 8 seconds for the ‘’weakest’’ engine, while the 6.7L unit will reach 60mph in 6.5 seconds. Fuel consumption is 18/24mpg and this is the best result you can get! If you opt for a massive engine, you will get around 15/21mpg.

Versions of 2018 GMC Sierra

GMC Sierra is available in several versions, or trim families. The base model is powered by a 4.3L engine, it has 6 gear-transmission and rear-wheel drive. 17-inch steel wheels are standard. 285HP and 305 pound-feet of torque are guaranteed, while you get satellite radio, traction control, ABS and etc.

SLE version is slightly better. It is powered by the same engine, but it adds aluminum wheels (17-inch), 2 LCD displays at the front and better radio. Keyless entry is implemented as well.

SLT version is equipped with a 5.3L engine and it produces 355HP. Dual-zone air conditioning, heated mirrors, leather and aluminum polished wheels with 18-inch in diameter are included.

Denali is the premium version. It can be yours with the same engine available in SLT trim family, but we recommend you some of 6.2 or 6.7L units. Navigation, 8-gear automatic transmission and parking assist are standard here. Wheels are 20-inch and they are made from aluminum and then being polished. In better words, they look like factory tuning wheels rather than ordinary choice.

Don’t forget that a new 2018 GMC Sierra offers different cab types for each trim family. All aforementioned ones are generally supported, but some of them are reserved or limited for a more expensive version of Sierra.

Release date and the price

2018 GMC Sierra will become available on the market in late 2017 and we can expect all versions to be instantly offered as well. Keep in mind that there are no major modifications compared to the 2017-year model. Prices will vary, depending on cabins, chassis, engines, and features. The base model will cost $28.700 and you get 4.3L engine! Still, a base version may reach $40.000!

SLE starts at $35.000 and may reach $45.000 if you add extra options, choose a stronger engine and etc. SLT starts at $42.000 and reaches $48.000. It is probably one of the more desirable trim versions!

Denali trim family starts at $52.000 and it may reach $56.000. Certainly, this is the most desirable, the most powerful and probably the most appealing version here.

Rivals of 2018 GMC Sierra

We have two, main rivals of this car. The first one is Chevrolet Silverado, which is also redesigned for 2018. Basically, it offers the same performances, same features, but the design is more primitive and simpler. RAM 1500 is an appealing option as well. The base engine here is 3.7L, but you can also get it with more powerful units. Yes, it is more affordable, but it looks obsolete.


2018 GMC Sierra in a desirable trim version is a great car. It is powerful, looks 2betetr than the competition and it is a heavy-duty vehicle. The interior is simply the best in the class. Wheels are outstanding and fuel consumption isn’t bad at all. A variety of cabins allow you to get a vehicle which will perfectly meet all your demands. In general, all versions are recommended, but Denali is simply outstanding!