2018 Golf R from Volkswagen Gets Some Minor Changes

2018 Golf R has been showcased in the recent released video of Volkswagen along with its new package of performance and specifications. The hatchback also comes with a new styling although you may need to be an expert to be able to find the difference. Only a few changes indeed has been added because Golf R is already a good looking car, so complete makeover does not necessary. We expect that besides its new styling, performances, and specifications, the automaker add new and more modern techs as well in order to slay some of key competitors which receive much more redesigned body. Let’s take a closer look of the upcoming Volkswagen Golf R including both exterior and interior design and the drive train.

2018 Golf R exterior design gets few changes

2018 Golf R

In fact, 2018 Golf R edition is not the only version that prepared by VW to hit the market, there are GTI, Golf Alltrack, and SportWagen included. But for now, the Golf R is our main focus here since it has been unveiled nicely in Geneva Auto Show last year. They introduced it with a no major changes and only a few facelift here and there. Some of the changes that noticeably are: a new rear spoiler, sleeker side skirts, new standard LED headlamps and taillamps including daytime running lights, Akrapovic titanium exhaust, and the new air curtain addition right on the front bumper to enhance aerodynamic performance. Many said that for 2018, Golf R receives new wheel design of 19-inch alloy wheels as well.

In conclusion, the all new Golf R is pretty much the same with previous model. They only give small updates in order to boost performance such as the back part where they installed new roof mounted spoiler to improve downforce by 44 pounds (about 20 kilograms). And with LED headlamps, taillamps, and daytime running lights are now become standard in all trims, somehow it proof that Volkswagen really want to make the fans more enthusiast with the new changes.

2018 Golf R Interior Design featured new technologies

So far, no detailed information regarding what changes made for the 2018 Golf R interior design, but we agree that VW has been added several new and more modern technologies for example the new Active Info Display now replacing the usual analog gauge cluster. This new specs include 12.3-inch digital display and they also add a Discover Pro infotainment system completed with a nice 9.2-inch touch-screen display plus gesture controls. The new VW digital cockpit is clearly showing us that the maker intends to provide more technology help and comfortable driving experience. Unfortunately, the rest of the interior specifications is keep hidden by the automaker, but we are sure that this hottest hatchback will be covered by high quality materials. The cabin itself can hold up to 5 passengers and we expected they at least improve the cabin and cargo space so it can deal with family passengers.

2018 Golf R Power Train does not have that much change

Talking about the 2018 Golf R power train, well there is nothing we can say more since the maker decided to keep the engine from previous model. Yes it seems the new Golf R will be equipped with uprated version EA888 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which is less extreme than the Golf GTI version. Fortunately, it can produce higher power train than the predecessor and that is 305 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque to replace previous 292 hp and 280 lb-ft. With this extra power, the VW said that this car can manage to deliver its powerful accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.6 seconds and this is also thanks to the new 7-speed DSG transmission which replacing the traditional six-speed. This is an improvement of about 0.3 seconds over the last model. However, you should expect that this score is going to drop for the manual transmission, but it does not a huge deal. The top speed is expected to be 155 mph with 40 MPG is claimed.

In addition for the higher power train, rumors said that most of the Golf trims will be available with standard safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and pedestrian monitoring.

2018 Golf R Released Date and Price

2018 Volkswagen Golf R release date is expected to come this fall as well as the rest of Golf lineup. Just like we already mentioned before, all these Golf models will be offered in many versions like the basic hatchback, Golf GTI, the electric e-Golf, AllTrack Wagons, and Golf SportWagen.  Sadly some rumors said that the US version will not be offered with the power bump version of the Golf R while it is available in Europe version, so US market stay with the 292 hp power train car. In addition, aside the 6-speed manual transmission, fortunately US version still receives new 7-speed DSG transmission set up. We hope that even without the 305 hp hatchback specification, this will not prevent the US fans to buy and try the upcoming Golf R.

As for the pricing, there is no official confirmation yet, but we expect the car will be offered with higher price tag than the previous 2017 model which meaning it will be more than $40,695 MSRP to compensate the new features. Meanwhile, in Canada, the Golf R will be available in a wide variety of colors as long as you willing to spend more cost which is about $2,995 as an extra fee.


To sum it up, we pointed some strong points and weak points of the new 2018 Golf R specifications:

  • Strong points: plenty of new and modern technologies and features, powerful engine, nice handling, and everyday versatility
  • Weak points: the 305 hp is not available for US market and higher price for a custom colour palette.

2018 Golf R maybe not change that much regarding the appearance, however we can still expect that with addition of some features, the Volkswagen Golf R can compete with other key competitors in the same segment.