2018 Honda Accord Is Finally Revealed And It Brings Major Improvements

The tenth generation of Honda Accord will soon be available. This has been one of the best-selling and the most desirable affordable sedans over the last 10 years. 2018 Honda Accord will have to bring plenty of gadgets, new systems and changes overall, in order to get the same respect as previous versions. According to the first announcements, the 2018 Honda Accord will meet the expectations.

Engines and power of the 2018 Honda Accord

2018 Honda Accord

The biggest changes are probably those under the hood. As you already know, the old model had 2.4L engine and the 3.5L unit as an option. 2018 Honda Accord has smaller, yet more efficient engines. The first one is 1.5L, with turbocharger and direct injection. It delivers 192HP, actually 7HP more than the old, 2.4L version. The power and the torque are available at lower RPMs, meaning that ride is easier and smoother. All the power is available at 5500RPMs, while torque is available at 2.500RPMs. The engine is already known unit found in CR-V and Civic models, but for Accord it is slightly improved.

A more desirable engine is a 2.0L unit replacement for old V6. It provides 252HP and 272-pound feet of torque. The power is available at 6500RPMs while the torque is present after 1500RPMs and it can be used until you reach 4000RPMs. If it sounds familiar, you should know that the engine is borrowed from Civic Type R, but it has been de-tuned in order to meet demands of Accord drivers. Just to add, 2018 Honda Accord will use variable valve timing and sophisticated turbines on both engines.


The new Accord will be available with 3 transmissions. The 1.5L engine is available with CVT transmission unless you choose Sport trim. Then, you will get a 6-gear manual. 2.0L engines come with the 10-gear automatic transmission, which is standard, except for Sport trim where you can get the mentioned 6-gear manual transmission.

Honda announced that the transmissions are all-new. The CVT version is actually completely redesigned and now it features shorter ratios, for 11%. It is available in Accord model only, at the moment. The 10-gear automatic is already found in Odyssey models, but it has been tweaked for Accord. Now, it is lighter and has different ratios, allowing drivers to get a more appealing ride.

Chassis and suspension of 2018 Honda Accord

With the new chassis adjustment, 2018 Honda Accord will get the most from the engines and transmissions. The mentioned system adjusts the throttle sensitivity, acceleration, and comfort. Drivers can choose between Comfort and Normal modes. Obviously, Sport mode boosts the performances and makes ride harder.

The main material during chassis production was steel, a high-quality steel in fact. Honda says that this is 29% stronger steel than other manufacturers use. In addition, some elements are made from steel which is 54% stronger than the conventional type. Thanks to these improvements, the 2018 Honda Accord is between 110 and 176 pounds lighter than 2017 model. Obviously, this depends on a trim version and optional extras.

Chassis is actually changed more than you should expect if we compare it to the 2017 model. As such, we have a longer wheelbase, for 2.2 inches and 0.4 inches wider car. The height is reduced by 0.6 inches, which slightly affects the ride and makes it better. Other than that, it doesn’t bring any changes. All of this was an attempt of the designers to prolong the usage of the similar chassis and to extend the life of a car. Visual changes to the doors, taillights and other, minor changes have been implemented precisely due to the same, reason.

The suspension has been tweaked and modified as well. At the front, we have L-shaped arms at the bottom, while at the back we have a multilink system. Together, these elements make the ride more appealing and more comfortable. NVH absorption and bushing which is filled with liquid are now standard suspension-related improvements.

Additional changes and improvements will be associated with the noise insulation. Most Honda models have had an issue within this matter, so for 2018, Honda is implementing insulation features to the engine bay and glasses. EX models and all of them will come laminated screens.

Available trims

Honda has prepared some of the already known trims for the new Accord. The base model with 1.5L engine comes in 6 trims, including EX, EX-L, LX, Navi, and Touring. A more powerful version would be available in 4 trims, including Sport and Touring.

Atkinson-cycle 2.0 system would be used in hybrid models. It is reserved for 5 trims and it is expected to appear in late 2018. Honda claims that the hybrid versions will be even more economical and better to drive than conventional models.


2018 Honda Accord will offer a lot of minor, yet amazing improvements in a cabin. We can expect higher headrests, longer armrests, and more comfortable seats. Now, front seats can cool down and heat, compared to the previous model. The rear seats will come with the heating feature, but only on more expensive trims. Besides the already-known bottom heating system, Honda implemented heaters in the back of the seats. Overall, seats are larger and more sophisticated. Despite the fact this car is actually shorter than the previous model, the same amount of space is available inside except for legs, where Accord is better than the old version! The cargo space is actually increased and now it is 16.7 cubic feet, compared to the previous one with 15.8 cubic feet.

The steering wheel is now curved and more appealing than ever before. We were able to see this addition common for all new cars coming from Japan. Driving the 2018 Honda Accord is much better now and you can be better connected to the steering.

Technologies for 2018 Honda Accord

We have mentioned that the new Accord is more sophisticated than the older car. As such, we have an emergency braking system, lane departure, and adaptive cruise control. If you want more, you can get it. The new car will be equipped with traffic sign recognition system. Honda Link is included as well and the system is used to alert the emergency services in a case of an accident.

Other standard features include wireless charging of smartphones, remote unlocking, and engine start, tracing of a lost car and etc. All of you who like the 6-icng touchscreen display will have to get Touring trim because it is available only with it!

Release date and price

The 2018 Honda Accord will be available on the market in the fall. Versions with 1.5LK and 2.0L engines, in all mentioned trims, are expected then, while Hybrid model will appear in 2018, probably in a middle of a year. At the moment, the actual price is kept as hidden, but we expect it to be around $22,500. This is a base model, with the entry-level of the trim and 1.5L engine. Premium models may reach a price of almost $35,000, while the price of a new hybrid is definitely unknown.

2018 Honda Accord isn’t a completely new car, but it brings major changes compared to the old car and it is focused on solving the issues 2017 model had. If Honda does all of this right, we will have a great car, without any drawbacks.