2018 Honda Accord Apparently Will Have Bigger Body!

2018 Honda Accord is one of the best known family sedans on automotive market and it seems for the new model, the car gets some redesign in order to stay ahead from its competitors. So far, the car is still under hiding and thus we cannot get you a complete review regarding the designs or specifications, however since many rumors are flying around online we still probably can bring you enough information to satisfy your curiosity. What we believe is the car gets fresh features, new styling, aggressive looking designs, and many more.

Why You Need to Wait 2018 Honda Accord?

2018 Honda Accord

Just like we already mentioned earlier, Honda Accord is one of the longest-brands in the automotive industry with its sedan style that has been introduced back then in 1976 and finally it will enter the 10th new generation right next year in 2018. Honda itself is known so well to offer driving satisfaction and reliable car along with comfortable cabin and spacious cargo and of course we can wait the magic to be available in this new Accord.

If you are a fan of midsize sedan, then this is the best option because Accord is a complete package of quality, value, and performance. And if you unsatisfied with the current model then you need to anticipate and wait for the 2018 generation to come because it brings more changes, redesigns, and makeover. The sneak peek of the car shows that it gets sleeker body than the Civic but more angular design and it will grow in size. It is expected that the new Accord will be debuted next year supported with more powerful engine and that’s enough reason of why you need to wait 2018 Honda Accord redesign.

2018 Honda Accord exterior and interior designs sneak peek

Unfortunately, we do not have any idea regarding the upgrade version of Honda Accord especially both the exterior and interior designs. However, judging from the spy photos that surface around internet plus if you look at what the Civic deliver last year then we can predicted that Accord will bring similar idea. In 2016, Accord is already got one facelift and it seems it will evolve for 2018 model meaning it is going to take styling cues from Honda Civic. The four-door sedan car is officially confirmed apart from the coupe and with its camouflage covered entire car, we can still look that there are serious changes for the entire platform.

First, 2018 Honda Accord design is manage to reduce some weight which leads to more fuel efficiency and better handling performance. Most notable change is going to be an upgraded size because they spy shoot looks bigger compared with previous model and it is natural because Honda Civic is also get the same enhancement. If the body is going to get bigger, then the vehicle will offer more room so you can also expect more comfortable cabin for passengers. Although, the consequence is Honda Accord will appear bulkier and maybe it is not something that need to be appreciated.

In addition to the exterior design, overall shape is indeed just like Civic however you are going to see that the headlamps are a bit narrow, wide, and almost similar with the current model. But it still possible that the test mule purposely did not include the lights intended for market production. Moreover, the image that we get also showing the car has short trunk lid and fastback roofline. Sadly, there is limited review of exterior design because the spy pictures do not give much info. But we can be sure they will enhance aesthetic search and that’s something worth to be waiting of.

In the cabin, you can expect more spacious room just like we already mentioned before. The spy shoot also reveal a lot of buttons in infotainment system which indicate the new generation gets interior improvements. The panels may include digital LCD screen or a large touchscreen infotainment system and it is maybe included even in the cheapest trim. The panel system will support Google Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and while for the highest trim will also bring GPS navigation system and you can even expect for more. The car will surely offers best features including high quality material attached.

Other than that, there is not much can be seen from the 2018 Honda Accord interior design and even though the car shows dozen of buttons on its entertainment system, it is also possible that the buttons are only available during test prototype so it is maybe just temporary. In addition, the cabin can hold about five passengers thanks to the back seats that can be folded to bring extra cargo space. More information is going to be released after the car’s debut.

2018 Honda Accord Engine: Is There Something Different?

Yes, probably, a lot of rumors are on the internet saying the new Honda Accord expected to have 2 different engines option. Many also recommend that the car should have turbocharged electric motor since it has been said bring better result than previous model. However, so far we can predict the engine will be 1.5 Liter turbocharged paired with 4-cylinder engine while the other should be 3.5 Liter with V6 engine (although some said that Honda will not bring that back anymore and replacing it with 2.0 Liter turbocharged 4-cylinder offers more than 200 Hp). You can expect Honda supported by powerful 1.5 Liter engine which used by most versions of CR-V and this specification deliver similar output of the crossover’s around 174 to 190 Hp plus 162 or 179 lb-ft of torque and of course the other machine can bring higher power. Other rumor also said a hybrid version will soon be released along with the turbocharged and going to be equipped with 4-clylinder engine boost up to 212 Hp.

As for the transmission, it seems Accord tends toward CVT (Continuously Variable Automatics) which can be seen attached in CR-V and Civic lineups as well. This transmission can perform better fuel economy and you can expect it replace the usual 6-speed automatic transmission of the current model. Moreover, Honda has offered a 6-speed manual transmission for both the lower trim sedans and several versions of the coupe thus many predicted that the car will again, continue to bring that for the coupe. As for the sedan, it gets all redesigned transmission and that is the CVT.

Just for your information, you can expect that the updated hybrid version of today’s Honda Accord will come in 2019, maybe it will appears as plug-in hybrid. This hybrid car can manage to travel about 20 miles or more on electricity alone.  But we can just predict that to happen sometime later. And for the current engine of 2018 Honda Accord, it has yet to be confirmed so changes are possible to happen.

2018 Honda Accord Released Date and Released Price

Just like the exact specifications are still being debated, the release date and price of this 10th generation Accord is unclear. However, it is best assumed that the new car is going to be debuted in the last quarter of 2017. As for the price, judging from the current model, the base price will be starts around 24,000 Dollars and it will increase for higher trims depend on the features that Honda adds to every trim level. You can expect an increase on the base price model though.

For you comparison, the current 2017 Honda Accord is offered from 23,000 Dollars and 35,000 Dollars for higher trim (Touring) while the coupe model is start from 24,860 Dollars to 35,210 Dollars. You can predict that the 2018 Honda Accord model is going to be released with base price around 24,000 Dollars to 36,000 Dollars for higher trims such as Touring. Of course Honda needs to take a look at its competitors such as Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Passat, Chevrolet Malibu, and many more to set a fixed rate of the new Accord.


To sum our review, we like to see that Honda standard equipments will be a top material and features. The interior cabin which get bigger and offers comfort space is one advantage for buyers as well. And for the engine, it is better that Honda can afford a good combination for both the engine and the transmission and it seems they tend to bring similar machine specifications just like Honda Civic has. No one can assure the future of V6 on the new Accord as well as the certainty of 4-cylinder engine option.

In addition, there is no official release about the trims level but we expect Honda still carry same trims like previous generation with prices that not so high compared with last model. For the spy photos, there is nothing more that can be concluded except for the redesign of the size or the new platform and it does not mean larger car will bring worst result because many companies proved that to be wrong. Let’s just wait 2018 Honda Accord release date and appearance of more details of this amazing car as soon as possible.