2018 Honda CRV: The Fifth Generation Frontier

Check out what else the beautifully designed 2018 Honda CRV crossover city car has more to offer here in this article. Inside, we will also talk about the previous generation of the successful 2017 as well as 2016 successful Honda CRV generation that have won the award for the safest vehicle on the Top Safety Pick+ rating. You can also find out what made the Honda CRV was honoured with such awards.

Have you ever imagined yourself driving off the road with not only concrete dusts, but also dirt on your wheels and all you see nothing but miles and miles of a dusty open road? It is nice, to think that you can get as much as freedom to escape from your mundane routine life of work with your small family. You do not need to think about work nor paying the bills, all you have to do is drive to nowhere with a tough crossover sporty city car. If you ever imagined the scene described on the top, you might need to get a sporty city car that can handle a long trip in a deserted open road. Surely, you do not want to get into some engine trouble due to overheating in the middle of nowhere! Well, if you plan to take that kind of road trip, you need the new exciting 2018 honda crv.

The success of the 2017 generation

2018 Honda CRV

The new 2018 Honda CRV is the fifth generation of the CRV crossover model. it has been supremely popular in the crossover city car market since the first generation was released a few years ago. The 2017 generation has become one of the most successful model in the market. It was awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to be the safest vehicle on the Top Safety Pick+ rating. It is the highest award can be given to car products that passed the crash course with flying marks from the prevention system, front crash, and the headlights. The 2017 model have the high standard with the driver assistance and active safety with features such as, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, and road departure mitigation.

The fourth generation of Honda CRV earn the award mostly due to the car’s system ability to avoid 12 and 25 mph collision, where it scored the highest during the front crash prevention test. Such scores and awards have not been able to be achieved by the 2016 model, where it only scored with a “good” mark on all crash tests.

No major changes on the new Honda CRV

Following the success on the safety awards, for this new generation reviewer experts do not seem to expect so many changes compared to the previous generation. The headlights are predicted to have used the LED headlights or the standard halogen headlights for the new model. The 2018 Honda CRV model is expected to offer buyers with 2 possible engines choice. Both engine options have the CVT technologies and are available for both the all wheel drive and the only front drive. The first one is the 2.4-liter I-4 (LX) which is rated with torque around the 184 hp and 181 lb ft. If you feel like to have an engine upgrade than that, an option of a turbo charged of 1.5 liter I4 power crossover city car with rating of 190 hp and 170 lb ft.

The changes made by the manufacturer are rather small and users might not even realise it so much. However, no matter how small the changes made by the Honda manufacturer, it all aims to increase better experience for its buyers. Better experience in driving and riding the car with some added features that improve the safety of the car above what have been done for the 2017 model, is viewed necessary.

New cool upgrade for the fifth generation Honda CRV model

If you are wondering what does the future 2018 model, here are some hints that might excites you. The future fifth generation of the crossover car has a dual zone automatic climate control installed within the interior setting. This allow you to stay warm in a blazing and blistering winter night, while cool you down on a hot summer afternoon. The advanced technology climate control will increase the comfort of its rider without really overdoing it. Moreover, on the new model, you can see a power moon roof on the top of the car that would allow you to see the sky during the night, without really feeling the heat from the afternoon sun. This feature is a nice addition to the design and make the crossover fifth generation car to be more stylish compared to the previous model. To increase your comfort, the car has a power driver’s seat, where it allows you to adjust your seat any way you want with added feature of power seat compared with another car.

To increase safety, the new 2018 Honda CRV also have a blind spot monitor equipped with rear traffic alert. This feature will allow you to be your extra pair of eyes while driving because when there is another car or any object within your blind spot area while you are driving, the car will give you signs even though you the object is not within your view range. Such feature will prevent any collision happen due to the limited view of your driving vision, so it prevents you from getting into any unwanted accidents. Another amazing safety technology of the new model is the driver attention monitor. With this monitor, it will tell you where you should probably put your attention to while you are driving your car. If there are more objects that requires your attention on your left, the monitor will gladly guide your attention to your left to prevent any possible damage.

Another possible addition to the 2018 model

If such changes on the new CRV has yet to convinced you on how great the fifth generation crossover city car is, you may want to stay on reading. For this new edition, you may choose to put a third row seat on your car to help you fill in the gap. The exterior of the car will give you a sportier feeling with tougher looking and more aggressive front grille. The sporty look is also signify by a longer hood with a shape that is far from the shape of a mini van hood. It will also have a new design on the tail lights that would look clearer with an increase visibility as if it was taken directly from an Acura model.

Despite that the specification of the interior is yet to be officially released yet, the expert reviewers believe that the Honda manufacturer would maintain the spaciousness of the car, which has become the signature of the model since the earliest version, to be intact for the new model. They will also expecting the seating of 2018 Honda CRV will have a leather seating applied on all, both in the driver’s seat and the passengers’ seat. So, for all CRV car enthusiast, you do not have to be worry because the 2018 CRV will still fulfil your expectation and will not disappoint you, starting from the design, exterior, and the award winning safety. Everything will be a great new riding experience for you with a hint of familiar comfort and spaciousness for you and your family. However, bear in mind, Honda has yet to announced any release date for the model yet, as well as the pricing for the new model, so, you may want to be patient.