2018 Jeep Compass Absolute Quality and Superb Efficiency

There are a lot of anticipation felt for the upcoming 2018 Jeep Compass, the Compass is the main product brand for Jeep’s SUV line, and so it usually got bigger amount of focus compared to the other SUV brands it has. A SUV made with absolute quality and superb efficiency, many feels that Jeep managed to capture the market with this brand, the 2018 version of Compass has been announced and shown on the last LA auto show just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Jeep does not speak much of this new Compass, so the information on this 2018 Jeep Compass review is made from the mix of rumors, theories and the officially announced information.

2018 Jeep Compass

The fact that this SUV has been shown at the LA auto show means that we got a lot of pictures to show you, compared to the 2018 Jeep Compass spy shot photos from a long time ago, we see that there are just very little and significant differences made between that moments. But when we compare the 2018 Jeep Compass with its 2017 Jeep Compass model, we see that there are changes made to its body structure, especially with the space available on its cabin. Fortunately, there are other more significant changes that are made in order to make the overall value of this SUV to be a lot better than the current one.

It off road ability is; of course and understandably, superb, this is probably one SUV that you should get if you often need to go to somewhere outdoor, and we expect that the off road capability of the 2018 version should be at least on par with the current model; or even better. But what is more interesting is that whether or not Jeep is going to give this new version a better engine, because let’s face the fact; the engine used on the 2017 is very lacking in terms of power. But at least for the 2018, we do know that there are going to be at least 4 trim levels available, and an astonishing 17 different drivetrain options that you can get to suit your preferences.

2018 Jeep Compass Exterior

Jeep really values the Compass as one of their main vocal points on the automobile industry, and they have acknowledged that the Compass brand still need a lot of improvements, and we see that determination to always improving their product just from the 2018 Jeep Compass exterior design. At first glance, this new model does not look to different to the 2017 version when we consider only the exterior looks, but it is wrong, this SUV is very different. One of such difference is that the fact this newer version has slightly higher lights, they decided to put both the headlights and taillights higher in order to make a statement, this SUV looks a lot more aggressive with the lights giving you a stare of a predator.

The 2018 model actually is using the same platform as the Renegade, but what is more interesting is the fact that there will be two versions available depending on the wheelbase. Not only that, the newer Jeep Compass exterior will look sharper due to the sleeker lines to match the popular demand. There is no changes made to most front side, the grille is shaped the same as the current model, and as said before the lights are placed higher to make it more aggressive. Overall, the exterior of this SUV looks very menacing and shows their determination to topple any opponents that wanted to get the top spot of the off road SUV market.

2018 Jeep Compass Interior

As for the 2018 Jeep Compass interior design, they also need to make several changes in order to suit the current trends in automobile industry, thus you should be able to safely expect a lot of improvement on its interior cabin. From the LA auto show, we do know several things about the interior; one is that it got slightly bigger capacity value compared to the current model. Of course, this can also be increased by folding the second row seat for more significant increase in cargo capacity; approximately 438 liter cargo capacity in normal mode and up to 1251 liter of cargo capacity when the second row is folded down.

It also looks like that they have improved the functionalities of the infotainment screen; in which there are various choices based on the screen size that you can get depending on your chosen package. Beside the infotainment screen that also has Apple CarPlay and Android own Auto functionalities, the new Jeep Compass will also have an LCD display to show various other information. The overall quality of the interior cabin has been greatly increased with all of those upgrades, and we are not even counting the smaller ones, we can safely say that this 2018 model is a lot more comfortable compared to most Jeep vehicle; not only the Compass line, but all of its products.

2018 Jeep Compass Performance

We already see that the 2018 version of the Compass got a lot of improvement in terms of design; especially the interior cabin, but what about the 2018 Jeep Compass engine? Many people consider that the 2017 version, while is great to be used on various terrains, shows a significant lack of power a lot of times and they demand bigger engine for this new model. Unfortunately, while they already shown the SUV to the public, they have not included any information about the engine as of right now. But seeing their determination that they want to be better, there is no way they are still going to use the older engine, there are a lot of theories about the engine that it’s going to use.

Considering the market and how the Compass is usually priced, there is no chance that this new version will going to get a significantly better and more powerful engine, so the most likely candidate to substitute the current engine is the inline four TigerShark 2.0L engine, which is also a little bit disappointing considering that this engine is only capable of generating 160 horsepower and 145 pound feet of torque. But, seeing that there will be 4 different trim levels and 17 different drivetrain configurations, there is a big chance that it offers more types of engines as optional purchase.

There is one single hope for a better engine though; there is a big rumor that Jeep is now developing a new engine for the Wrangler. This engine is supposedly pretty powerful with power exceeding 300 horsepower; there is a chance that the Compass will also get a variant of this engine. Whether or not if that is true is still on their hand, but as for the transmission system, we expect that this Compass is going to be available with the nine speed automatic transmission system, and the all wheel drive system is also be present considering that it is going to continue the off road legacy of the Compass.


Unfortunately, they also do not include any information about the 2018 Jeep Compass release date and price, but considering that they have shown the new Compass on the LA auto show, we could expect that this SUV is going to be available in the market at late 2017 at least. Figuring out the price is a lot more difficult though, seeing that there are four different trim levels available and each of the trim level got their own unique features; which we do not know completely. Although we do not know the exact price point, seeing that there is no indications that they are going to use a significantly stronger engine, means that Jeep wants to maintain the 2018 Jeep Compass as one of the best SUV of its class in terms of functionalities and price, so the standard model would not be priced for more than $20,000.