2018 Land Rover Defender: Will It Really Come?

2018 Land Rover Defender is predicted to hit auto-market in this year or early 2019 with a fresh and all new appearance. Even though last years, the off-roader car went out of production but it seems the maker wants to bring back the new version of Defender which is great especially for the Land Rover fans who think that the vehicle is already dead. We get to see its familiar iconic 4×4 box design with slightly improved version to make it better than the last model. Before, many rumors were spread among auto lovers saying that the maker has spend about $5,3 billion of investment to implement the idea of all new Defender. They also promise that the SUV will have a stronger performance, durability, ability, and reliability. So, we expect that the upcoming LR Defender will be able to offer interesting changes without leaving its familiar classic figure.

2018 Land Rover Defender Exterior Design Looks “Fantastic”

2018 Land Rover Defender

So far, Land Rover did not reveal anything much regarding its new design. However according to Jaguar LR chief, he said that the new generation of Land Rover will have a though body and will be based on the aluminium architecture. But, it will be fairly different with the rest of other models including Discovery Sport and Evoque models in regards of its body component. They also said that the architecture will be pretty much contains a lot of elements that dissimilar from other aluminium cars. You may already know that almost every single of Land Rover body structure has received aluminium material, but it seems the engineer will make it special and unique by adding something that the rest of the LR cars did not have. With this new discovery, we are pretty sure that 2018 Land Rover Defender exterior body will be lighter than the previous model which allows a better fuel consumption.

Official said that the basic design and engineering work is already settled, we also expect that the car will keep its 4×4 DNA in its new model with improved versatility plus capability. The LR chief said that he already test the car in the off and on road conditions and claimed that its performance is sensational. In addition, the official also confirms that the all new Defender will retain two features from its predecessor: the two single grille face and slab sides design. Aside that, we expect that the car will get new modern and high tech feature as well, including LED lightings set up.

2018 Land Rover interior design

Not much can be said for the new 2018 Land Rover interior design because the limitation of official news. However some rumors said that the interior look will be based on Land Rover DC 100 concept and so judging by the rumors, we expect that inside the car will have spacious cabin along with a lot of modern tools and equipments. It will be crafted masterfully to provide both driver and passengers more comfortable driving experience. Moreover, the upcoming Defender should come with these features: slightly longer wheelbase, brightly and high quality colored leather trim seats, and colored foot mats.

To satisfy the potential buyers, Land Rover will offer various range of Defender trims completed with multiple body types. The basic will have standard features while higher trims will be equipped with optional high techno gadgets which going to cost higher than the base model.

2018 Land Rover Defender Power Trains

It is planned that 2018 Land Rover Defender will have a broad range of turbocharged engine options including petrol and diesel machine. The most well known V6 engine is highly to be attached as well. That’s why we expect that the power trains offer either 5.0 L V8 supercharged engine option or less powerful 3.0 L V6 engine. As you probably know that the DC100 concept uses 5.0 L supercharged V8 petrol engine so it will be highly possible that Defender will bring it to its drive train. However, some experts assume that the production model will take 2.0 L V6 diesel engine instead. These engines will be matched with 8-speed or 9-speed automatic transmission while manual option is still questionable.

To give stronger performance, it is possible that the Defender will feature a development of Land Rover’s All-Terrain Descent Control, Progress Control, as well as Terrain Response system. These systems have been used in most of current models. It is also expected that the 4-wheel drive becomes standard on every model of Defender.

2018 Land Rover Released Date and Price

Before we talk about 2018 Land Rover Defender release date, we are not sure whether this plan will be happen in the further because rumors said that the DC100 concept did not go that well. As far as we know, if Land Rover Defender definitely will hit the market, then it is possible that the car will be available this end of year or early 2019. As for the price, it still unconfirmed but we expect that the price tag will not stray that far from the outgoing model. We are going to update it as soon as we can get official confirmation.


To summarize this review, the Land Rover Defender indeed will bring fresh and redesigned appearance and will be built with aluminium body material. It is expected that the car will keep its original 4×4 boxy model. This concept also allows the car to get weight reduction making it to have a better handling plus fuel consumption. The all new Land Rover Defender is supposed to keep its classical off-roader performance and design, although some small makeover probably will be added. It will have more modern styling cues and it probably will not have that entire retro look however it still need to stand apart from the rest of the Land Rover lineup. The car will get various ranges of high technologies and features both on the outside and inside with price tag that not going far from the previous model. More information about 2018 Land Rover Defender will be available right when the car is officially released.