The 2018 Lincoln Navigator with Awesome New York Concept

2018 Lincoln Navigator will become a car that belongs to a luxury SUV with great quality of riding. Showed in the preview, the model of the car is quite in old design and the model replacement is being designed. The concept of Lincoln Navigator has been launched some months ago as the first time of the car introduced to the public. From the car concept, some development and improvement will be added to kinds of the most important parts of the luxury SUV.

Just like the car concepts in common, the production of the car will not perfectly same with the introductory concept. Some featured applied in the car concept will be brought to the production model. Yet Lincoln hasn’t given clear explanation about which featured that will really be used in the car production. Some reviewers predict the general look of the car that comes with the same features such as powertrain and running gear like showed in the concept. But the futuristic concept of the interior is not positively applied in the car production.

The Price of the Lincoln Navigator

The car price is not likely to be different from the concept information. It means that you should pay about $60,000 to own a unit of 2018 Lincoln navigator in the base model. Now Ford might release a car with extended wheelbase model too. It will become a car that directly contends the Escalade EL but the price is lower.

The Design of 2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator

At the first time of the car concept release, 2018 Lincoln Navigator has taken the attention of many people for the unique design of the door opening mechanisms. The car only has a couple of open-up doors and when the doors are opened, you can see the seats in two rows inside as well as the huge set of motorized stairs. However, a different door design is made in the production of the car. Lincoln Navigator will only come with normal doors. Meanwhile, a rumor tells about EL version of the car that comes with longer doors and suicide doors are also applied so that becoming an interesting feature for the car design. Besides, the car production also doesn’t apply any motorized stairs. It will adopts the standard choice of electric running boards.

If the concept of the car has a futuristic design of interior, the car will have great features as well as accessories. Many reviewers of automotive stated that the Navigator car will have the similar design with the Continental design even the real car is still covered. The same design of dashboard is applied inside the interior, front seats with highly modular electric as well as a standard massage system, automatic climate control in triple zone, and also the common features of safety for the same class car standard.

The Specifications of Lincoln Navigator

A huge power will be installed into the 2018 Lincoln Navigator car. The engine will be a new 3.5 liter V6 twin turbocharged. Even though the displacement is same with before, the ca now has about 450 horsepower and also torque in more than 450 lb-ft. the basic engine is same with the Raptor. Whilst the transmission that will be applied is the 10 speed automatic transmission of Ford with either rear or all-wheels.

The luxury features will not dominate the utility part of the car. Nicely, the car is made from strong steel and aluminum as the main materials. The car now can be towed in the extra of 10,000 pounds both in the form of RWD and AWD. The car’s performance will also be improved enormously, the weight will be 500 – 1000 pounds and the car will also get cylinder deactivation. Such design will also make the new Navigator car more efficient. Next, there is also a possibility for Lincoln to apply a hybrid powertrain but the details haven’t been known yet. The fact that has been known so far is the V6 engine that is in line with the smaller 4 petrol engine.

The Fancy Concept with Gullwing Doors, Teakwood Steps and 7 Screens

The concept of 2018 Lincoln Navigator with gullwing doors is quite dramatic because it can show the spacious and luxury interior of the car. In fact, the gullwing doors didn’t get great excitement, the production of the car will only use conventional doors and the seats will be made as many as eight seats.

The concept of the car was made very fun and artistic. The designer chief of Lincoln David Woodhouse needed nine months to design the car with long wheelbase, six seats, nautical theme that looks calming and many personal spaces. The luxury SUV design was also made with a couple huge winged doors that are amazingly opened and three steps made from teakwood so that the passengers can climb aboard enjoyably.

As explained by Woodhouse, the dramatic design of upward doors has a purpose to showcase the interior of the luxury SUV with the calming blue look. Besides, the interior’s instrument panel spanning the car’s width, seven screens in total, as well as the infotainment features for each passenger in the rear seat that enables video streaming and games playing.

However, the car production at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville will not use the fold down staircase and the doors design. The car will be produced into 7 or 8 seats and having standard wheelbase or long wheelbase. Meanwhile, the piano key controls that are designed for gear selection might be available in the car production, besides the instrument panel, screens and also the tidy interior design.

The new mesh grille’s Lincoln logo is also adopted in the car concept like in the new Continental and MKZ of the automaker. To make a new face to the car, Lincoln replaces the grille with split wing that was the brand’s face briefly. For the huge design of the luxury SUV, it becomes the biggest car of Lincoln. The designer also added another lights strings to the huge headlamps and then making the signature lines in pairs right now. The design elements are originally made for large vehicles reservation. Additionally, the designer also add the wheels with a circular motif inspired by turbine.

The design also doesn’t discuss about the switching of the body material to aluminum as well as the body on frame remained in the luxury SUV.

In the new body shop of Kentucky Truck Plant, Ford has spent about $1.3 billion. The shop also has built the F-Series Super Duty of Ford in the type of pickup trucks. This truck also switched to aluminum body in the 2017 model. The automaker also has invested about $600 million for the next generation of Lincoln navigator and Ford Expedition.

The first time of Navigator introduction was in 1997. It created the market of luxury truck and has curated a little but loyal following. The most recent Navigator car was launched in 2015, it has refreshed design and more efficient engine. It was the last production until the 2018 Lincoln Navigator launching day.

The engine design may be still in 3.5 liter, V6 with direct injection, twin turbocharged, but having more horsepower; it was 380 horsepower and the next generation might be more than 400 horsepower. The six speed transmission, it will become the next controlled damping for the suspension adjusting so it provides smoother riding.

Furthermore, the luxury SUV will also have automatic emergency braking system that makes it stops rapidly, keeping assistant, 360 degree cameras, as well as other safety systems in advanced technology. Based on the counting of the automaker, the full size SUV car segment will have around 170,000 sales per year in United States and about 420,000 in all over the world. The famous name of Navigator has refined loyal customers that make it will be chosen again. The Navigator car in Lincoln showroom also having youngest buyer; it is 54 years old in average.

The most recent model of Navigator doesn’t bring the upscale Black Label model, yet the model will be possibly available for the SUV in the time of the launching. The Black Label model’s material upgrade will be approximately $6,000 so that it will have better materials.

As the largest model of full size SUV of Ford and also in USA, all people said that this car is the biggest one as no other car is made in the same passenger compartment. The automaker also gives more advantages for the owner with the more spacious interior design; something that is expected by many people that love large size vehicles.

The next generation of Navigator is said to be the one with most features whilst the concept was also uncovered at the Detroit Auto Show 2016. This strategy is made the same with the Continental series that also become the landmark of American brand vehicle.

Therefore, for those who love this American automaker and has been the loyal users, you should have this full size SUV for a family car. The large and powerful car of 2018 Lincoln Navigation will be a comfortable vehicle that rides your family members to any destination.