2018 Nissan Z Specification Preview and Release Update

2018 Nissan Z as the new generation has been wait by fans for a long time. Especially since the last generation has been going on for quite some years so fans really want to see some changes brings out by this car. Previously the 370Z series receive some update with the release of 2018 370Z Heritage Edition to commemorate 50 years anniversary of this series. Even though the update is very small since it is cosmetic update only, but it successfully brings out some excitement for the fans that has been waiting for new update.

On the latest news, Nissan is ready to come out with new concept or even a prototype in the upcoming months for Nissan Z series. Now, let us see what Nissan will bring out to the table for this popular series.

2018 Nissan Z Chassis

2018 Nissan Z

One thing that a lot of fans have speculating is about the use of new chassis for the new generation of Nissan Z series. That is because the current model have been used it’s chassis for quite a long time. Even though the FM platform with RWD chassis itself is still capable to be used for several more years, but changes might be the wiser thing to do by Nissan. Especially if they want to be able to compete with the other car available on the market today that uses new and better chassis.

As we know, a few months ago, Nissan has made an agreement with Mercedes to build a few cars together. Those cars might be release on both Nissan brand and Infinity brand. Looking at the progress that we have been receiving, we can see that the cars they build together mostly use Mercedes FWD chassis. Surely the use of Mercedes’s RWD platform for RWD model car can be done in the next collaboration. By using this kind of platform the car would really be a great sport car since it is also using construction made by aluminum material. Thus we expect that the next Nissan Z series is the one that will become part of this collaboration using the new chassis option.

They might use suspension with double wishbone structure, and thick bushing on the chassis so it will be able to absorb better vibration while riding. As this car is a sport car, stiff suspension is expected so it will help reducing body rolling while cornering in extreme and high speed motion.

2018 Nissan Z Exterior

On the appearance itself, it seems that 2018 model year will have new look. Or at least it will be different from the old 350Z and 370Z that both have rather bulky appearance. They might give the new generation car a 240Z’s appearance which is smaller, lower and slimmer. Especially if they really use the new chassis option from Mercedes RWD which will allows them to control the width as well as the wheelbase on the new model with precision. Using construction made by aluminum material means that the new Nissan Z will be light weight but can still stand out because of its classic modern style.

On the front area, you will see that Nissan Z will use similar grille used in Nissan Sentra for 2016 model year but with wider size. Nissan Sentra uses a flat divider in V shape while on Nissan Z, the divider will be wider with a Nissan signature emblem take place in the center.

Headlights might also uses similar design as the one on Nissan Sentra, however on Nissan Z the protruding part that goes into the side mirror will be much longer and much protruding. This will create a sporty eye look which makes it appear different from the original Nissan Sentra appearance.

Even though front splitter on this 2018 model year still using basic setting, but we should not have to worry since it allows good airflow into intercooler. Especially if this new model year is using turbocharged engine as a lot of rumor has predicted.

On the side, we can see that they uses wider wheel arch which give the car great stance while side skirt appearance is still similar to the current model year so we only see mild change. As the wheelbase will be shorter for around two or three inches compared to the ongoing model year, you would not see side glass on the rear. Instead they will use insert as big as the space allow it since they do not really need the side glass anyway. On the rear appearance, it might be similar to 370Z appearance with slight alteration. The taillights will have the same wraparound as the Murano.

For the basic trim, you will get 18 inches wheel setting while on the higher trim there will be option to use 20 inches wheel setting especially since it will be one inch wider on the rear compared to the basic trim. All in all, the changes made in the exterior will give nice appearance to Nissan Z series.

2018 Nissan Z Interior

On the interior, we can expect a lot from the 2018 model year which may still be similar to the 370Z but with much better technology. The infotainment screen will of course be upgraded into touch screen control system. This will allows all infotainment control be set through the interface thus you would not see other control setting panel under screen area as you can see on 370Z. For the steering wheel, it might still have the same Z signature steering wheel although it will have slimmer design. Touch screen control might also be included as option.

For the seat material, it might use combination of Alcantara material along with leather material. It is predicted that the 2018 model year will come out first before the 350ZS as well as 370 which means it might be offered on lower price. Thus it also means they will use less luxurious material on the cabin.

2018 Nissan Z Engine

On the engine, which engine that you will get might be depends on the market option you have. For European market, it seems that Nissan would not give them V6 engine option, instead they will get turbocharged engine with 2 liter capacity. But for the US market, Nissan would not have any other choice to give them V6 engine option with 3.7 liter capacity similar to the one used by 370Z.

With the current technology that we have right now, the output could easily go pass 300 HP. However the output might drop a little bit compared to the 370Z since it might only give around 320 HP which actually still a good output. As the 2018 model year is smaller and lighter you can expect better 0-60 mph rank to be around six or even 6 second range.

2018 Nissan Z Price and Release Date

For the 2018 model year, we can expect the price to be ranging from $30,000 for the lowest trim to $50,000 for the highest trim. The release date is expected to be as soon as next year comes, but there is no confirmation yet about the exact date from Nissan. However, if Nissan can do a great job in redesigning and restyling the 2018 Nissan Z then it will worth all the time waiting.