2018 Porsche Cayenne Review on What to Expect from the Release

2018 Porsche Cayenne will arrive soon after the company finishes the last touch to this third generation of the Cayenne series. It seems there would be huge change in this 2018 year model compared to the previous model. Especially after a lot of spy shots on the prototype of this car has been spotted with clearer almost non camouflaged image. Even though they still put some stickers as well as body colored tape to conceal some of its styling so it will appear similar to the current Cayenne styling. This gives us clearer idea of what the car would be like when it comes out later this year.

As the 2018 model year would be the third generation of the Cayenne series, it means that this year would become a historical year for Porsche. Especially since the first generation of Porsche Cayenne is first launch in 2002 and only in 2011 the second generation is brings out to the table. The 4×4 car market always gets a lot of controversy especially for the fans of Porsche. Nevertheless they still give great income to the sport car brand. But the brand number one seller is the Macan series that has smaller size. Still Cayenne gives Porsche a big portion of their sales. Porsche even announced that Cayenne is sold for more than seventy thousand units back in 2016, which make up for around thirty percent of overall output from the company.

2018 Porsche Cayenne Exterior

2018 Porsche Cayenne

You could expect a great remodeling for its look. Especially since this new generation will be using MLB Evo architecture from Volkswagen which used by the group’s premium SUV lines for example the Q7 and Q5 from Audy and Bentayga from Bentley. And it will also be used by the upcoming Touareg from VW and the Urus from Lamborghini.

This new architecture will have lighter weight compared to the current Cayenne’s architecture. We expect Porsche to use combination of steel with high strength, carbon fiber as well as aluminum because it is a much lighter material so it could take out around 100 Kg from its current weight. We could expect this design will create Cayenne to become 220 pounds weight instead of its current 4,500 lbs weight. This change will give some improvement to the performance, fuel economy as well as driving experience.

Even though Cayenne is larger in build, but we expect Porsche to take some of the Macan’s traits which has become everyone favorite. For the front area, they would use a clamshell hood then add embedded highlight to complete it, this will make the front area appear more agressive. While on the rear area, they would use LED for the taillight. To style it, they would add a slim strip of line lighting which runs across the tailgate’s width which will make the rear area appear sleeker. Both of those styling are already popular style from Macan which is why, it is understandable that Porsche brought it into Cayenne styling. While the front air intake styling is taken from Panamera’s styling. The roof area would also become flatter and longer. Even with this styling change, it seems that the overall look that Cayenne has is still unchanged.

2018 Porsche Cayenne Interior

More changes can be expected from the interior part of Cayenne design. It is expected for Cayenne to carries Panamera’s high technology feature such as its center console, and its digital dash. Other expected features are display with high resolution, feedback control with haptic technology, and connecting other services which will make the interior has less buttons compared to the current interior. Semi autonomous technology is also featured in this new design which will give the driver more electronic aids for better experience.

2018 Porsche Cayenne Engine Performance

For the engine department, it seems that Porsche will still keep the current engine selection with 8 or 6 cylinder petrol or diesel options. Of course there would be some tweak done to the engines which will give better fuel economy and gives better power.

For the basic trim, you will get V6 with diesel engine. While for the middle trim, you will get turbocharged V6 engine. The Cayenne Turbo will carry V8 engine with twin turbocharged. Then for the E Hybrid Cayenne, it will use plugged in setup 671bhp turbocharged used in the Panamera Hybrid. For the diesel engine, it will remain the same.

2018 Porsche Cayenne Pricing and Release Date

This new third generation of Cayenne from Porsche might be revealed in motor show held in Frankfurt later in September this year. But we can expect the news to hit online a few weeks earlier to prepare for the news. For the price it would be around $ 60,000 for the basic trim to $ 140,000 for the high end trim. But to purchase it, you might need to wait until early months of 2018 to get the new Cayenne.


It seems that this new generation of Porsche Cayenne will get several new facelift which will make it a little different from its current design. Nevertheless, there are several styling that Porsche still keep from the previous generation in this new generation. Still the changes that Porsche offer in this new Cayenne’s generation will give fresher appearance to the design.

You might need to wait for more than a half year to get your hands to this new generation of Porsche Cayenne. But we might be able to get the more detail of the car in a few months which will be great to know. Especially when you already expect to know more about this car before you purchase it next year.

While waiting, you might also want to take a look at the Urus from Lamborghini which ready to be produced and will be introduced to the market in a few months. There is also the Touareg from VW which will be ready for the market in the end of this 2017 year. Both are designed with the same architecture used in this 2018 Porsche Cayenne so it will be a great comparison.