What You Need To Know About The 2018 ram 2500

There are certain names that come to mind when you think of vehicles. For example, when you think of a sporty vehicle, the Chevy Mustang or Corvette quickly leaps to someone’s mind. These are the vehicles that have established themselves not only as excellent options within their field, but also become synonymous with the very style of the vehicle itself.

This is true of the Dodge Ram as well. For those who love trucks, especially durable ones that are able to handle abating while still staying strong, there are few that can match the style, durability, and toughness of the Ram. It is truly fitting of its name.

A Great Look from the Moment You First See It

2018 ram 2500

While Dodge has long established itself as one of the leaders in creating tough and durable trucks, the 2018 ram 2500 is putting itself above previous models. Consumers are quick to be extremely impressed in the design and functionality that the new model offers them, and this is why it has quickly garnered the attention of consumer magazines throughout the country.

It begins with the outside look, as parts that are popular remain the same, such as the shape of the grill and the bumper area. The cabin is designed the same as well but there are new features that you will truly love. It starts with the fact that the front side has a more camouflaged appearance, making it have a more subdued look to it that really adds a certain beauty to it. The wheel wells are designed with a larger space as well, allowing you to choose bigger tires if you desire so that those who are looking to do aggressive driving in tougher terrains can get the right kind of wheels and tires for themselves to accommodate their active lifestyle.

The interior will have a whole new set of features as well. The 8.4 inch touchscreen display has been updated with new displays and features to make it even easier to use and read. There is a navigation system included, as well as the HD radio that is connected within this display. This makes finding a channel or the song you wish to listen to an easy proposition. You also are able to easily connect your smart phone with the integrated app that is offered in the 2018 ram 2500.

For those who may want to enjoy the experience of driving this vehicle, but find they maybe a little bit too much on the petite side, you will love the fact that the pedals are adjustable, meaning that you can be a little on the shorter side and still be able to drive. The seats are heated to provide comfort, and the controls in the vehicle are easily accessible through the steering wheel design.

Great Look, But This Is about Power

As usual, the 2018 ram 2500 lives up to the Dodge name, providing you with a great deal of power in the engine. This is a 6.7 L power stroke diesel engine, giving you the capability of 440 hp as well as a torque of 925 lb-ft of force. That’s quite a bit of force to say the least, which enables it to toe at least 31,000 pounds of weight behind. That is truly a remarkable vehicle to say the least.

This Dodge Ram is a V-8 engine, which comes with two different options available to you, a 5.7 L, and a 6.4 L engine. Both of these are offered with a six speed automatic transmission, and both offer you a great deal of torque force to be able to carry or pull large loads. The 6.4 L engine, has a 429 lb-ft force compared to the 400 lb-ft for the 5.7 L.

At the present time, fuel economy has not been provided, but it is expected that there will be no diminished rate that comes with getting the additional power in the 2018 model. That’s great news for those who love this vehicle, but don’t want to give up the gas mileage that they are receiving to this point.


The Dodge Ram has always been a vehicle that provided a great deal of protection for those riding inside the vehicle. Not only are there dual side airbags, but a collision warning is an added feature on the 2018 ram 2500. This will help you to make sure that you are duly warned if there is a vehicle that suddenly appears in front of you or if you are approaching one to quickly. The braking system is designed to work with the collision warning system, to ensure that collisions are reduced greatly.

Five people can safely fit inside the 2018 model, the vehicle is designed to give adequate protection, and meets all of the safety demands to earn a five-star rating from the NHTSA. With an incredibly strong and durable steel exterior, you will definitely feel safe and secure riding inside this truck.

What the Reviews Are Saying

Those who have had a chance to view the vehicle finding it is an exceptional option for those who want a tough yet stylish looking truck. Car and Driver magazine found this to be one of the best models coming out in 2018, and concluded that consumers who have always liked the Dodge Ram are truly going to find that this is even a step above the incredible quality from years past.

While there are many features that consumer reviewers have raved about, it has been the power of the 2018 ram 2500 has really captured their attention. They have loved how much force there is, not only in terms of hauling heavy loads, but also in attaining speed. For a larger sized vehicle, this model really has the kind of power consumers are going to love. Plus, it comes with an incredibly comfortable ride, something you just won’t expect until you are sitting inside the cabin area.


The price of the Dodge 2018 ram 2500 can range anywhere from 32,000 all the way up to 60,000. It is really dependent upon the size of engine that you prefer, as well as the additional features that you are looking for. Obviously, the base model comes in at the lower price, while additional features increase the value and price of the vehicle. This comes with a 60 month corrosion warranty as well as a 60 month warranty on the powertrain. There is also a 36,000 mile complete warranty offered on the vehicle.

The Pros:

  • This truck has a great deal of power to it.
  • A very comfortable ride, that accommodates the size and height of the driver.
  • Can hall heavier loads than the vast majority of comparable vehicles.

The Cons:

  • The price is going to push some people out of the market.

Why You Should Think the 2018 ram 2500 Is Perfect for You?

If you are a person who has some heavy lifting to do, yet still wants a durable vehicle that looks incredible, then the 2018 ram 2500 is exactly what you are looking for. While it is an expensive vehicle, you will find that it is perfect for the construction site, heading out to the mountains, hauling a trailer, or even going out on the town. Because it is built by Dodge, you can be sure you’re getting a great value.