2018 Shelby GT500 Super High Performance Vehicle

If you haven’t know yet, then this is the most up to date news regarding the upcoming 2018 Shelby GT500, this is a super high performance vehicle manufactured by Ford, more importantly, this vehicle brand is also well known as the Ford Mustang. Whether if you prefer to call it the Mustang or the Shelby is up to you, but if you are already a fan of the GT500 model, then we have good news for you. The Shelby line has a lot of variants to its name, and for next year model, only one variant that is not yet officially announced, and that is the GT500.

Here is the good news, it seems like the official announcement regarding the release of the 2018 version of the Shelby GT500 is bound to happen soon, why? That is because we got a lot of pictures of the said 2018 Shelby GT500 spy shot, and we are really sure that it’s the GT500 and not some other variant because it resembles the GT350 which was already announced months ago. From the spy shot pictures; although some parts of the car are covered with some type of sheets, you know that although it resembles the GT350, there are various parts that are also different and undergo some redesigns.

2018 Shelby GT500

Now, with the pictures of the 2018 Shelby GT500 now available and the existence of this car is 99% confirmed, there are one thing that got many automobile enthusiast excited. The GT500 variant is always the Mustang strongest variant in terms of engine and with the power war between Ford and GM, people cannot wait to see what kind of engine that is going to be used on this car. if we take a look at what GM do with the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, they put an engine that is capable of generating more than 650 horsepower, s what can we expect from this one? Here is our 2018 Shelby GT500 review based on the currently known information.

2018 Shelby GT500 Exterior

The first thing that we need to do is to take a good look of what the 2018 Shelby GT500 exterior design is going to be, and fortunately, it can easily be analyzed because we already got  a lot of spy shot pictures of this said car. At first glance you could already figure out that this vehicle is a mustang, and due to its lower height. It could be a GT350 or a GT500, but considering that they already got the GT350 version, there is no way they are going to put a new GT350 version this soon.

With the 2018 version, they are putting slight changes here and there to the body, and several parts of the body seem to be detachable. Here is one striking example, take a look at the small front part that is covered with the garment, you could see some parts of it, and it is pretty clear that that front part can be removed. Overall, the exterior design of this new GT500 Mustang is made to be more aerodynamics and makes the vehicle looks a lot more aggressive than the standard Shelby.

2018 Shelby GT500 Interior

As for the 2018 Shelby GT500 interior design, there is not much information known, as you can see from the spy shot pictures, every pictures only shows the exterior. Without official announcement, it is very difficult to predict what changes made to the inside, but if we need to theorize the changes, we can be sure that there will be a lot of new technologies installed. But those technologies are not supposed to be infotainment related technologies, but instead newer technologies that are used mostly to increase the performance of this car.

but that does not mean that the interior does not have any upgrades in terms of comfortability, we could also see from the pictures that they are going to use better seats for this car, and the steering wheel is also different to the last GT500 or GT350.

2018 Shelby GT500 Performance

As said before, with the engine war between GM and Ford, it is important for the 2018 Shelby GT500 engine to be more powerful than at least the newest Camaro ZL1, which means picking an engine than can do more than 650 horsepower. Unfortunately, we do not know what kind of engine that is going to be available for this car yet, but the engine should also be more powerful than the current GT350, so figuring out the type of engine is not that difficult.

For now, the best theory regarding the engine for this car is the twin turbo V8 engine, many speculates that they are going to use the 5.2L supercharged V8 engine for this new GT500. But this is not an ordinary supercharged V8 engine, it is going to get a boost from the Eaton type supercharging system, and with this 2.6L Eaton system, the Shelby GT500 2018 version could have a massive boost for its performance. If this theory really did come true, we could see it having at least 750 horsepower to at maximum 810 horsepower, which makes it easily beating the Camaro ZL1 in terms of power.

We also do not know what kind of transmission system that this car is going to use, but we can safely expect a manual transmission system to be available right from the start; and of course, there will also be the automatic transmission system available as an optional you can choose; seemingly the same 10 speed automatic transmission system you find on the current model Camaro. It is also noted that this new GT500 Mustang is also going to be available with the rear wheel drive as the standard, no other types announced; or even rumored, yet.

2018 Shelby GT500 Conclusion

With all of the information above, there are only few things that can be discussed about this new Shelby GT500, and namely it’s going to be the 2018 Shelby GT500 release date and price. Figuring the release date is very easy, and seeing the spy shot pictures, it seems like the car is very close to mass production, so it is going to be available in 2017; in which we can safely assume it is going to be available in late 2017 or early 2018 at the latest.

Now, figuring out the price is a little bit trickier, because the new engine and other new changes made to the body and cabin. We can be sure that the 2018 Shelby GT500 will be priced more expensive than the last model, expect a price point of more than $65,000.