Absolutely Everything We Know About 2018 Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner is an astonishing car, but it is already 5 years old! A good thing is that new 2018 Toyota 4Runner is coming. Most of the changes and modifications are kept as a secret. Toyota relies on this model, so they are trying to get the most from the upgrade. Anyway, we know a few details about the redesigned model for 2018.

On the outside

2018 Toyota 4Runner

The exterior of the 2018 Toyota 4Runner is going to stay the same. We can expect amazing, athletic and tough body with large grill at the front and large headlights as well. But, Toyota will probably lower down the rear part in order to make the car look sportier. Furthermore, some elements will be borrowed from current Tacoma model. If we know that this car looks great, this is definitely an advantage.

Other than that, don’t expect major changes. It will still stay the tough car capable of meeting the most demanding requirements. The bottom line, when it comes to the design is simple. Minor upgrades will be added in order to make the 2018 Toyota 4Runner more appealing and still a desirable car.

Wheelbase (109.8 inches) will stay the same as on the current model. Other dimensions will stay the same as well, despite the cat the platform is different than on 2017 model. It is possible that the 2018 model comes with uni-body design, developed to improve the driving capabilities and to make the entire car look better.

Inside a car

The interior is probably going to be changed significantly. Some owners weren’t satisfied with the interior of the older version, so Toyota decided to correct the main issues. We expect to see amazing Entune Premium Audio System, better materials, and smarter design directions. In short words, the interior will be more durable and more practical. Obviously, optional extras will make a difference, but at this moment we don’t know much about them.

The biggest change of the 2018 Toyota 4Runner is the number of seats. There are 7 of them, compared to an older model which had only 5. Still, this change affects the driving capabilities. The new car will be higher, while the floor will be changed, improving off roading capabilities. As such, new owners will enjoy more space, especially for their legs.

As we have mentioned, the new car will be more durable inside. The gear knob is now layered with leather and suitable for heavy-duty applications. Seats and steering wheel will be layered with leather as well, but this is going to be reserved for more expensive trims.


2018 Toyota 4Runner brings us changed and improved engine. Basically, it is going to have a smaller unit, due to the aforementioned design of a chassis. Don’t expect to get lower performances through. The 3.5L, V6 will produce and deliver around 300HP. Fuel consumption may be 30mpg on highways, but this is speculation at the moment.

We liked the old engine and probably will be satisfied with the upgraded version. The engine will come with direct injection and with additional improvements, related to the lower fuel consumption and more power. In a matter of fact, the engine has been redesigned ready and some models come with it.

Due to lower torque, which is going to be around 280 pounds feet, towing capacity will be compromised. Still, this is a minor difference and there are chances the transmission will make up for it. When we are discussing transmissions, we must add that automatic 8 or 9 gears are likely to be added to the car. The 6-gear manual is likely to be available.

Overall, the power and fuel consumption will be well-balanced. This is a large car, with a weight of 4.500 pounds, so don’t expect some impressive fuel efficiency. In other words, be prepared to pay for the power in fuel.

Performances suggest that the top speed is going to be around 115mph, while 0-60mph time is going to be 7.5 seconds. For a massive car, this is an impressive result. Handling is going to be appealing, due to modern and smart features related to the suspension.

Off-roading of new 2018 Toyota 4Runner

2018 Toyota 4Runner will actually have better off-road capabilities than the previous version. It all starts with the all-wheel drive, which is an option. It comes with limited slip differential at the back and it is capable of sending the power to the wheels who need it the most. As such, expect to own an SUV with actual, off-road capabilities.

Lower floor and other modifications of the platform will have a great impact on the ground clearance and on the ability to move across mud and sand. However, off-road tires are mandatory and without them, don’t expect any of this. Toyota advises potential buyers to purchase a unique set of tires, which offer superb off-roading possibilities, but make the ride comfortable and eliminate tire noise on the road. 2018 Toyota 4Runner will be available with ordinary tires, so a replacement would be needed.

TRD Pro version

2018 Toyota 4Runner is going to be available in TRD Pro version. It is known that this version will have sliding doors at the back capable of withstanding around 450 pounds. The engine will be 4.0L but with 275HP. An interesting fact is that all TRD Pro versions have unique color per a year. For the 2017 version, they are inferno orange, cement, and quicksand. Sadly, Toyota hasn’t revealed possible colors for the 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD.

According to speculations, we expect some hue of red to be included. It is also possible that this car manufacturer increases the number of available colors in order to make the car more appealing to a higher number of people.

Release date and price of 2018 Toyota 4Runner

2018 Toyota 4Runner comes on the market at the end of a year or at the beginning of 2018. Probably the first version will become available at the end of a year, but additional engines and features will be added in 2018. TRD version is definitely going to be added in 2018, probably in the spring or summer.

The price will start at $30,000. Some rumors claim that the base version will cost $22,000, but there is no evidence for this claim. A premium 2018 Toyota 4Runner will all optional extras included may reach $42,000.

Due to capabilities, this car has to offer, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to higher trims. It is a reliable and durable car, so you won’t have to change it anytime soon. That’s why a premium model is the best alternative.


The main rivals of the 2018 Toyota 4Runner are Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Explorer. When it comes to towing capacity, Nissan is better, but Toyota is more affordable, for about $500. Ford Explorer is ideal for city drives, but for off-roading not so much. Fuel economy is the best side of the Toyota and it is the only car here with 7 seats.

It has the best off-road capabilities and it is a great car overall. We believe that Grand Cherokee Limited is going to be treated as a competitor model, but Toyota will stay more popular and a more desirable model.


2018 Toyota 4Runner is coming and you should be prepared for it! This is a car to buy if you have a family and you like driving across rough terrains. The interior is the exception and the value for money is even better. Obviously, there are no additional details known about the 2018 Toyota 4Runner but all of this means that it is going to be a better car than the 2017 year version. Overall, we expect smaller engine, better platform, and a much better interior. In TRD version, you are going to get even better rear doors and an appealing set of colors, unknown at the moment.