2018 Toyota Tacoma: Exterior, Interior, Price, Release Date And More

Toyota Tacoma is a midsize truck, positioned under the bigger Tundra. It was completely redesigned in 2016, since 2005 when we saw this model for the first time. It truly was a remarkable redesign and almost all major elements were changed. 2018 Toyota Tacoma probably won’t share the same passion. It is going to be slightly redesigned and changed, meaning that the essence of this truck will be kept. But, there are plenty of facts the new 2018 Toyota Tacoma brings.

Overview of the 2018 Toyota Tacoma

2018 Toyota Tacoma

As we have just mentioned, changes will be minor, but this is a good thing. We liked the previous model and most owners were completely satisfied with it. It means that you will get the rail-bed, liner, tie-downs which are fully adjustable and mount for GoPro camera.

Air conditioning, 16-inch steel wheels and much more is available with the SR version. SR is actually a base trim, but it still offers a decent amount of equipment. Higher, more expensive trims will bring even better features.

TRD Pro Tacoma will be available as well. It has a much better and more sophisticated off-road hardware and more appealing design. Although we liked these additions, we must add that it is more expensive and designed purely for heavy-duty applications.


When it comes to engines, Toyota decided to continue using already known units. This is actually a good thing, due to the fact all of them are great engines. The base version is 2.7L with 159HP. This engine offers around 180 pound-feet of torque and the towing capacity is 3.500 pounds. Basically, it is sufficient for most potential owners of the new 2018 Toyota Tacoma. The engine can be paired with the 6-gear automatic transmission, but only when rear wheels are responsible for movement. AWD version is available as well, but only with a 5-gear manual.

A more powerful and probably a more suitable engine for this car is 3.5K, V6 with 278HP and 265 pound-feet of torque. 6-gear automatic transmission is standard on rear-wheel drive models, while the 6-gear manual is available if you choose all-wheel drive Tacoma. With these specifications, Tacoma can tow 6.800 pounds.

Regardless of which version you chose, all-wheel drive is available. However, this isn’t a permanent all-wheel drive system, meaning that it is engaged only when you are driving off road or when the conditions are poor, so you need additional stability and safety.

Fuel economy

2018 Toyota Tacoma has the same fuel consumption as the previous model. It isn’t bad, but definitely isn’t one of the best results among trucks. The base engine with the rear-wheel drive will achieve 19/23mpg. Automatic transmission guarantees 19/22mpg, which is slightly better than the manual one can provide (19/21mpg). With all-wheel drive versions, the fuel economy is 19/21mpg.

A well-known fact is that larger engines can be equally economical. This case isn’t any different. You will get 18/23mpg. Keep in mind that this refers to all-wheel drive versions! In addition, all engines use 87-octane fuel.

The interior

Inside a cabin, you won’t get plenty of changes. The 2018 Toyota Tacoma still offers that feel which reminds you that you are in a truck, rather than an ordinary car. A good thing is large pedals, hand-brake, comfortable steering wheel and large controls. They are designed for drivers who will wear gloves or will have to use them in a rush. This means that they are much larger than those on standard Toyota models.

Seats are massive and there is plenty of space inside a cabin. Obviously, it is determined by the cabin type you choose. On the central console, you get a nice display and a set of controls under it. At the end, we can say that the interior is basically the same as the 2017 model has. It has a few minor changes, but still, it is durable, well-made and tough.

New features

One of the most important additions to the 2018 Toyota Tacoma is Toyota Safety Sense or commonly known as TSS. Over the recent months, we were able to see this car manufacturer implements the same system in most of their cars. It is believed that new Tacoma will have it as well. Additionally, Tacoma passed all of the safety tests already, so it is possible to get TSS as an optional extra only.

Well-known features such are a rear-view camera, Toyota Entune infotainment system and GPS navigation are standard. However, SR5 models will support this type of navigation which requires being connected to a smartphone in order to work. TRD models have a more sophisticated system, which can operate without the need to be connected to a smartphone.

Base versions come with the essentials and decent features, but the premium one truly has something to offer. You can expect heated seats, air conditioning with 2 zones, sunroof and JBL surround sound system.

Release date

2018 Toyota Tacoma will start production in August 2017, but we will be able to see the first models in November of the same year. This applies to the most parts of the world, but not to all of them, which suggests this car may be available in your country after November.

Price of 2018 Toyota Tacoma

If you are planning to buy a new 2018 Toyota Tacoma you must be aware of a few things. First of all, deals for this car almost do not exist. The Tacoma is a reliable and well-made car, so don’t expect to get it for a low amount of money. The only discount is $500 if you are a military member or just graduated from the university.

The base price for 2018 Toyota Tacoma will be around $25,500. This is SR version with 2.7L engine and decent performances. The premium versions will cost almost $40,000. They come with more powerful engines and with more features. You may expect minor changes to the price depending on your country, but they won’t be more than $200.

Competitor models of the 2018 Toyota Tacoma are Nissan Frontier ($19,000-$37,000), GMC Canyon ($22,000-$44,000) and Chevrolet Colorado ($22,000-$26,000).