New Maybach Exelero: The Most Exotic Car

It seems Maybach Exelero already makes many people fall for it with its top speed experience combined with the excellent performance and breathtaking luxury that is definitely irresistible. If you dream of driving an awesome car that is not only good-looking outside but having a superb performance, Maybach presents Exelero to make your driving experience different. Here, we are going to know further about its overall performance and styling and the reason why this car is included in one of the top exotic vehicles while there are so many its rivals that may win.

Maybach Exelero for Your Pride

Maybach Exelero Price and Performance

For your information, Exelero is not only wearing the crown of the best exotic car in the world, but as you may already know, with that title, the price is also more expensive than you may ever imagine or guess because that title automatically makes this car the priciest car brand on the market. Perhaps, it is already known by netizens that one of our American rappers, Birdman, has bought this car by spending his money $8 million; it may not be a surprise for you since the one purchasing the car is a famous rapper.

Since its release in 2008, the more cars production is done by the company and with the creativity and innovation the designers give, public finally pays attention to this expensive car and it must also be the high price that people start recognizing this vehicle. If you have heard about the Maybach 57 previously, it is actually the base model for the initial design of Exelero in 2005. Another fact that should be revealed here is that Maybach is the German manufacturer that is already world-known with the luxury cars that are designed with top quality so this company can easily conquer the automobile market.

Some people believe that the Maybach Exelero has an ugly styling but some others give praises to the design and with this fact, we all know that this car can only meet some people’s expectation and preference. It is mentioned that the reason why everyone may not be able to love the Exelero is because Maybach adapt the design from a 1930s-car model that is popular that time. The high price, outstanding styling, and incredible performance of this car may make many of you curious about how the styling is and how exotic this car in real life is.

Maybach Exelero Interior Design

Everything is simply elegant and stylish if you go seeing the Maybach Exelero interior part. Aside from the lines made sleeker, the inside is really designed well from the black-and-red theme with the nice-contrast blue digital dash. Besides its nice styling, you may also be surprised by the fact that there are 700 horses that can be produced by this car and when accelerating, in just 4.4 seconds, this car can reach 60 MPH with the 218 MPH as the top speed. The engine used for this car is V12 engine with twin turbo.

Another spec that you will find in this car is the German-tire-produced that is known and called as Fulda tires equipped this priciest car so that the way you see this car wheels will be redefined by the tires. Unfortunately, there is only one unit that Maybach has produced and the sad thing is that it is already sold out which is surprising enough for the other buyers who just find out about this car and they have no chance to buy it. Even so, this car is always in various rankings and tops making the car more special due to its viewpoint that is more unique than its competitors.

2005 Exelero Engine and Performance

Maybach Exelero Speed

It is always better to check out the 2005 Maybach Exelero model to know each side of this car, especially the design aesthetics and high technology presented perfectly and expensively. Exelero is really a perfect vehicle with the combination between the sports coupe’s strong suppleness and high-end limousine’s first-class quality as well as its elegance. We should also know that that Maybach has an ultra-high performance conceived for this car that does not only deal with the speed and dimensions, or with the aforementioned weight only, but the comfort, stability and safety are also delivered well by Maybach.

It is explained by Fulda about the thing that the 2005-model Maybach Exelero should withstand when it comes to the new broad tire generation of the reference vehicle and the things mentioned are the constant load in use on the exhibitions, at trade shows, on the freeway, and on the road and even on other events as well. There are 550 horses that can be produced by the car equipped with the Biturbo turbocharged engine with 12 Maybach engine in standard type. The car with the 2.6 tons of weight cannot even be accelerated to the 350 km/h by this imposing engine.

Maybach Exelero Black

When it comes to the cubic capacity, it has even been increased by the technicians and designers in which the car previously has 5.6 liters, it is then increased to 5.9 liters and even the turbocharger is also optimized more so that the speed that is expected can be made. They finally achieve what they desire by having the 700 horses and at least 1,000 newton meters of torque that has definitely been through calculation process. The nice thing here is that before the unit is ready to publicize the designers take 100 hours of time for the engine testing until the car can perform about 15,000 km.

There are some details that are changed when the designers work on the car in order to achieve the best construction that can be comfortable for the driver and passengers. The details include the tank’s position and its refueling nozzle; the integrated second front wall; the gear shift, the pedals and steering column; as well as the A-column and door that are included in the driver’s position. Excellently, those changes that are necessary to happen are worked on short time only.

Maybach Exelero performance has more, like the high speed tests’ real rims that are from ATP-Excentric in Bremen with the procedure explained that for the car’s wheels with 23 inches of size, there will be an additional three to four km per hour. The high speed tests may amount to 3.6 bar when it comes to the tires’ air pressure so that there will be a sufficient reserve. 1,400-km of the rear axle load will not be a big deal if there are 1,050 kg of loads can be tolerated by the rim. Of course, before the test is started, the technical requirements are totally checked.

The Styling and Features

New Maybach Exelero

The car is actually full with uniqueness when it comes to the styling but it also comes vulgar; even the noise that is earth-shattering emitted by the two side pipes of this car will really hit your eardrums. Although its exterior is mentioned a lot looking like a monster, it is just too awesome with the wide-open long door and the leather seat moves back that is cushy enough so that the longest limbs can be accommodated. As mentioned previously, the instrument panel of this car is really Maybach, while the door panels are made by using the carbon-fiber materials that come shiny along with the Fulda-red stripes.

Maybach Exelero Exterior

The features are definitely high-tech, such as the HVAC controls that are accompanied by the Comand, as well as the air bags that can be housed by the huge hub cushion that comes with the four-spoke device power adjustable steering wheel. There are elements combined when designing the cockpit, between the racy new touches and Maybach 57 sedan which means including the air conditioning that is draft-free, aluminum accents, carbon-fiber trim and bespoke neoprene, as well as the transmission gate. Additionally, Maybach agrees to deactivate the A/C system so that the 691 horses are on board can be made sure.

Another thing to boast from Maybach Exelero is about its aerodynamics qualities with the well-contained front-end lift despite in spite of the frontal area that is in-your-face. While the rear planted is still kept well by the three tail spoilers that are manually-activated. With the dished wheel rims mounted, the rear wheel arches covered, a flush underbody fitted, the right height lowered, and the air intakes that are selectively blocked, the model’s drag coefficient is going through trimming process.

The Rivals

2005 Maybach Exelero

The first rival that is worth to mention is 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 with the 250 km/h for its top speed and it is actually electronically limited. The car is powered by the twin turbo engine with 6.2 liters of gas that can produce torque of 612 pound-feet and 510 horses. When accelerating this car, just in 4.5 seconds, this can reach up to 100 km/h. Coming with the rearwheel drive type, the transmission used by Mercedes-Benz here is the AMG Speedshift MCT with seven speeds.

The next rival is 2015 Corvette LS3 that is powered by V8-speed engine with LS3 6.2 liters of gas and manual transmission with launch control. With that machine, the car can perform well producing torque of 424 pound-feet along with 430 horses. The quarter mile is known to be at 115 MPH in just 12.6 seconds while in 4.2 seconds it can reach 60 MPH. This can be a great competitor for the Maybach Exelero.