The New Jeep Gladiator Soon Will Come, Is It True?

There are going to be new Jeep cars that are not yet announced before and with the recent leaks on the news, we get some information about these new Jeep cars. The first one that is said to be on the production now is the new Jeep Wrangler type. That is right, the Jeep Wrangler type, not the Wrangler itself, it is believed that this new Jeep is going to be new, but some also believed that this is going to be another variant to the Wrangler. What makes this new car to be different to the Wrangler? This new car will have similar base of the Wrangler, but this time, this is going to be a pick up car.

Jeep Gladiator Concept

There is no Wrangler pick up car for many years so this news is surprising, although the CEO of Jeep once stated that they is highly considering adding a pick up variant to their Wrangler line, but that was 5 years ago. It seems like he is indeed serious about his words, although there is no official news, it is undoubtedly coming, the buzzes are just too real to ignore. The first time the news about this pick up variant to the Wrangler arrives is when the Detroit News first put the confirmation about this variant existence.

When asked about the rumor and leaked news, the Chrysler Automobile CEO is indeed confirms the rumor to be true; although all he confirms is that “a new truck from Jeep that is based on Wrangler is coming”. That same CEO also stated that this new truck based on Wrangler car is going to be built on the factory in Toledo.

New Jeep Gladiator Truck Rumor

New Jeep Gladiator

That Wrangler based pickup truck is not the only new rumors coming from Jeep brand though, there is another rumor that is coming up, and this one is a little bit weird and seems unbelievable. Remember that concept car showed by Jeep at the 2005 Detroit Motor Show? That concept car 10 years ago is named the Gladiator and it looks like there are many people wanting that car to be actually developed and released to the market. There is rumor surfacing about this pickup truck is also on development, although there is no confirmed source or actual data, but at least it got people excited.

If you never see that Jeep pickup concept truck back on 2005, the Gladiator is a big masculine pickup truck with all the traditional Jeep exterior design plus a turbo diesel powered engine. This concept Gladiator pickup truck is 163 horsepower strong and has 295 pound feet of torque, all of that power comes from the said turbo 2.8L engine with 4 cylinders; the standard transmission system is a 6 speed transmission system; the concept model has only the manual version. And as a pickup, the Jeep Gladiator concept truck is capable of carrying 1,500 pound payload. The interior has some features, but as the car is from 2005, all those features are now considered as old and thus not worth to be mentioned. If the rumor is true then the interior should be changed and using new technologies anyway.