The New Kia Stinger: A Closer Look at The New Arrival

The brand new 2018 Kia Stinger comes across as a spirited attempt to fill in the shoes of popular luxury sedans on the market. The car boasts aggressive exterior styling complete with powerful turbocharged engine on the backdrop of rear- and all-wheel drive capacity. From the look of things, the car is all set to shake things up. The Stinger will be availed in two models namely Stinger GT and Stinger.

Kia Stinger 2018


Engine Overview

Kia Stinger Engine

Kia Stinger is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine with four cylinders. It produces a whopping 255 horsepower which is just enough to get you cruising on the highway in utmost luxury and reliability. The GT variety on the other hand comes with twin-turbo powertrain within a 3.3 litre V6 engine capable of yielding 365 horsepower. That’s the kind of agility you need to achieve top speeds and still maintain stability. To help you make the most of that power is an eight-speed automatic gearbox complete with paddle shifters. A statement from Kia motors confirms that the GT has the potential to achieve a top speed of 167 miles per hour. The car reportedly only takes 5 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph.

Car Handling

The Kia Stinger is a first of many. It debuts an electronically adjustable suspension system dubbed the Dynamic Stability Damping Control. The use of suspension damping makes it possible to soften or firm things up on the go. Moreover, the car provides one with five drive modes namely: Smart, Personal, Sport, Comfort and Eco mode. These modes help maximize handling performance. Key aspects tied to these drive modes include the steering, transmission shifting and throttle response. The rear-wheel drive variety offers limited slip differential which helps put power down to the ground with improved efficiency. On the other hand, the more endowed all-wheel drive boasts torque vectoring a feat that makes it easy to manipulate braking on individual wheels. That level of flexibility means the car can carve a tighter line if pushed to the limits.


Kia Stinger Exterior.

Besides the fancy specs and much-talked-about engine power, the Stinger’s exterior belongs to a class of its own. For starters, it has some sleek swept-back LED headlights which complement the streamlined appearance of the rest of the Kia Stinger. The front-end comes with gaping vents. These are all that’s needed to facilitate intake of massive volumes of air. The rear side of the Stinger is not a disappointment either. It is decorated with quad tailpipes complete with a rear diffuser. It has what qualifies to be called a fastback design, and that alone gives it a slimmer but trendy profile mimicking the Tesla Model S or Audi A7.


Kia Stinger Interior

Although Kia motors does not have a good track record with interiors, the Stinger promises to change that narrative once and for all. With options ranging from soft to premium leather and adjustable air cushions, this sounds like a car that could redefine the look and feel of modern sedans. Some noteworthy additions to the car’s interior include a colored TFT screen which is complete with a gauge cluster. The gauge cluster is itself a bee-hive of activity, showcasing important data such as lap times, engine-oil temperature and even cornering g-force. There is also a standard trip computer included in the package and a host of navigation prompts. The real game-changer in the stinger’s interior is the Driver Attention Alert system. This system analyzes driving inputs effectively determining how the driver is performing. The system even detects when one is getting drowsy, often suggesting when a break is needed.

In general, the Kia Stinger interior comes out as not only spacious but also sophisticated. The cocoon-like cabin boasts aircraft-like spoked vents with satin chrome trim and metal-ringed gauges. If you are look for a deeper sense of sophistication, then you will want to try the Stinger with ultra-soft Nappa leather interiors. This comes with deeply contoured seats for added aesthetic appeal and extra comfort.

The Chassis

The highlight for Kia Stinger is its vented disc brakes from Brembo. These come fully-fitted with quad-piston front calipers alongside dual-piston rear calipers. As you marvel at the well-thought-out discs, the car’s MacPherson suspension is even more likely to grab your attention. This provides you with all the stability and reliability you need to achieve heart-pounding speeds. Its wheels are yet another thing of wonder. The Stinger stands tall on 19-inch staggered alloy wheels complete with performance tires. And to make sure you have a few more years of a glossy, brand-new body, the manufacturer has used 55 percent advanced top notch strength steel construction all round.

Safety Technology

The use of modern technology to enhance driving experience plays a vital role in separating high-end cars from average ones. In that regard, Kia Stinger seems to have taken full advantage of available technological innovations. These include:

-Driver Attention Alert

It comes with Driver Attention Alert (DAA). The DAA is a system designed to detect inattentive drivers to minimize on safety concerns while on the move.

-Forward Collision Assistance

Another marvellous piece of technology on the Stinger is the Forward Collision Assistance (FCA). This encompasses safety features such as shoulder harnesses, air bags and automatic emergency braking. The advanced technology can bring the vehicle to a stop at speeds up to 25 mph.

-Autonomous Emergency Braking

While forward collision assistance helps spot danger and caution the driver, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) takes safety a step further. The AEB automatically brakes when it detects that the car ahead of you has braked suddenly or if someone has cut in unexpectedly. Exclusive to Kia Stinger and other high-end vehicle models, AEB potentially lessens crash impact and in some cases, totally prevents accidents altogether. The science behind this kind of system is that it frequently scans your environment building up a view of your surroundings. If it detects anything that could lead to a crash, it pre-arms the brakes providing the force needed for an immediate stop once you step on the braking pedal. At the same time, if you choose to do nothing, the system automatically applies the brakes minimizing any potential damage.

-Advanced Smart Cruise Control

Advanced Smart Cruise Control technology operates based on radar waves. The technology helps one adapt to changing driving conditions to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. This technology particularly comes in handy in maintaining distance from the vehicle in front. This is achieved by automatically slowing or accelerating the vehicle when necessary.

-Lane Keep Assist

With approximately 37 percent of accidental fatalities in the USA occurring due to drivers running off lane, Kia Stinger offers an innovative approach using Lane Keep Assist (LKA). This technology detects when the vehicle is about to wind out of its lane. Working in conjunction with radar cruise control, LKA helps keep the vehicle right on course. In other words, the Stinger has Electronic Power Steering (EPS) which works based on both white and yellow lines. With features, such as departure warning and counter steering force this is bound to be one of the smartest cars on our roads.

-Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

This technology provides 360 degrees’ coverage around your car whether it is stationary or moving. The detection creates a circle of safety especially by tracking the traffic behind you as well as vehicles traveling alongside yours. It seems like Kia recognized the need for drivers to know what exactly is happening in the blind spot to drive safely. The BSD uses ultrasonic sensors, producing an audible alert when it senses a car behind this zone.

-Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Besides having a rear facing camera, the newly built Kia Stinger is awash with sensors concealed within the rear bumper. These make it possible to get a 360-degree glimpse of the car. The system further triggers a chime once it detects an object within a 50-yard radius when the car’s reverse gear is engaged. The RCTA feature comes in handy in busy streets with nose-in parking slots.

Final Word

From the look of things, the Kia Stinger is ready to sting its way to the future, quite literally. It has a sleek, fastback design, rear swept roof and a long hood. Its front-end is intelligently sculpted, leaving behind a muscular look with aggressive scoops and swept-back LED headlights. The car has signature grills which together with massive vents create a beast-like appearance.

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